Investigate unrealistically low screen-level dewpoint over WA in ACCESS-G3

Setting up PS41 global suite

Trial period

BDT 20200504T12

Enabling GroundGPS task

  • OPS version needed: ops-????
  • MetDB elements file

Cold-start files

  • glu_t+3 from 20200504T00 - valid at 20200504T03
  • SST, sea ice and soil moisture valid at 06Z (?)

Bufr files

  • Bufr files needed for 20200504T12 analysis
    • GroundGPS

Upgrade needed to operational ACCESS-G3


Despite using var-2019.02.0 some of the configuration are old,

  • moisture incrementing operator is not used - gl_var_anal_low and gl_var_anal_high app config files need updating
  • RTTOV on model levels is not used - use newer SatRad and RTTOV coefficients
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