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Assess possible degradation of TC forecasts by ACCESS-G caused by not assimilating some observation types

Additional observation types to be tested

Following table shows a comparison of observations which are currently used operationally in ACCESS-G3 and those used in OSNN,

Obstype Usage in ACCESS-G3 Usage in OSNN Comment
METAR used used
Megha-Tropiques/SAPHIR not used used
Meteosat-? not used used

Experimental set-up

For each TC case we will use a control and a test. The control will have only the observation types used operationally whereas the test will assimilate additional observation types that we currently do not assimilation but are used by UKMO.

We will mainly assess the difference in track forecasts between control and test. However a question arises as to how robust the difference in track forecasts is. It's possible that the difference arose because of the inherent chaotic nature of the data assimilation system and the forecast model. To allow us to approximately the effect of this randomness we will also create an initial condition by adding global, random perturbations to the control.


Jim Fraser's List of TCs in West Pacific & Eastern Indian Ocean from G3 trial periods

Things to do

  • For Ops_ExtractAndProcess tasks work out how to read UKMO obstore files
    • Do we use exclusively obstores from UKMO - both for control and test?

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