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Data Denial Experiment - Remove Observations from Macquarie Island


Macquarie Island is an important observation location as demonstrated by FSOI results. As a complement to FSOI Chris Tingwell (ref?) carried out a test by removing the observation from the island. He saw very little change in the forecast. This is a single-cycle test.

Targeted observation vs. Kelly et al. (200?)

Limitation: In all the FSOI tests in which Macquarie Island was identified as having relative large impact energy norm was computed for Australian domain. Will this result carry over if the norm area is South Pacific, South America, etc.?

Experimental set-up


  • Suite ID: u-be286
  • sonde and surface varobs files contain observations for the call sign, 94998


  • Suite ID: u-be334
  • From sonde and surface stationlists rejected all observations from Macquarie Island (WMO ID 94998; BOM station number 300004)
  • Macquarie Island seems to do 2 radiosonde observations a day: 11 and 23 (Check????)
  • sonde varobs file contains MDI for the call sign, 94998
  • surface varobs file does not contain observations for the call sign, 94998


My working hypothesis is that areas of difference will propagate downstream with increasing forecast lead time. If for a particular forecast hour the differences are averaged we may see a track.



Cycle time Failed task Reason for failure Action taken
20171215T0600Z gl[mu]_ops_process_background_ahiclear Not known Reset to succeeded