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Source Code and its Installation

The "trunk" version is,

which is installed for a general use on Raijin,


Jin has his development branch which has newer features,

NetCDF SatRad Writefiles and Their Use

SatRad writefiles are written out by the OPS SatRad code. There is one NetCDF file per PE. In the past we combined those PE files into a single NetCDF file (labelled with base date/time) using combine_pe whose source is,

and installation on Raijin is,


The problem with combine_pe is that it reorders the dimension variables used in multi-dimensional fields. This was necessary since NetCDF concatenation was only allowed along a variable which is a record dimension and during the making of record dimension the order of dimension variables need to be swapped. i.e.

  • if the NetCDF files were processed using combine_pe then the files will have obs as the first dimension variable followed by channels as second
  • the raw, uncombined PE NetCDF files will have channels as the first dimension variable followed by obs