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Impact Of a Single Observation from IASI


This test is a part of the H-8 AHI trial. As the weighting functions of IASI channels peak sharply the analysis increments can be better understood.

Experimental Set-up

Following set of configurations were used for this test,

  • 3DVAR
  • non-hybrid and no ensemble cycles
  • Resolution of PFM is N108
  • no VarBC

Note 1. N108 PFM resolution differs from the screen 3DVAR resolution

Experiment was done using suite ID u-am568 (copy of u-aj730/trunk@40220). I made following modifications to progressively arrive at the target configuration outlined above,

  • ensemble and hybrid VAR are switched off (job #1)
  • turned off VarBC (job #2)
  • copied screen 3DVAR app config file then made following changes
    • point to locations of LS, varobs and varcx
    • turned on 3DVAR - it appears all observations supplied are used, so this is FGAT 3DVAR (job #3)
  • following the changes in u-aj977 Ops_ExtractAndProcess for AHI CSR select smaller number of IASI observations
  • ToDo. Then change VAR so that it only assimilates IASI


  • Under [namelist:var_minimisenl] of gl_var_anal_low app maxiterations is 20. Perhpas this needs to be increased to 40 as in 4DVAR (?)