Importing VerPy beta version (version 0.8) into the access-svn utils repository

Chris Bridge has put VerPy version 0.8 in Bureau's gitlab repository,

Unfortunately the Bureau's gitlab repository is not accessible from outside of Bureau's firewall. As the bulk of R&D work is done at NCI the VerPy source was imported into the following location in the access-svn utils repository,

Update. VerPy version 0.8 seems to have problems and I received a copy of version 1.1 from Adam Clayton. This was imported into the following location of access-svn utils repository,

Installing VerPy on Raijin

  • Pre-requisite Python modules needed on Raijin,
    1. docutils
  • Location of temporary installation,
    1. /g/data/dp9/jtl548/source/verpy/verpy1.1

ToDo VerPy should be installed under a more general location: preferably under raijin:~access

Testing VerPy on Raijin

Environment needed by VerPy

  • To use the VerPy module set PYTHONPATH to point to the VerPy installation. E.g.
export PYTHONPATH=/g/data/dp9/jtl548/source/verpy/verpy1.1:$PYTHONPATH
  • VerPy makes a call to the VER script, "VerScr_GeneralPlotting". But it looks like in VER17.2 on the shared repository this script is missing. Rob Darvell sent me a copy and I placed under VER 'build/bin' subdirectory.

. Q. Does VerPy use IDL for plotting?

  • Need to set the environment variable, GEN_BUILD_DIR which should point to the VER 'build/bin' subdirectory. E.g.
export GEN_BUILD_DIR=/g/data/dp9/jtl548/source/ver/r84_ver17.2_nci_mirror/build/bin

Plotting data in ARDFiles using VerPy

In order to test whether the ARDFiles produced by VER are correct or not I am using VerPy to read data from ARDFiles and plot the data. The generated ARDFiles are from the deterministic cycles of the Rose suite, "u-ac651" and are under,


Following is the commands I used to plot errors vs. forecast lead times,

import VerPy as ver
opts = {
      'start'   : 20150615,
      'end'     : 20150616,
      'times'   : [0,600,1200,1800],
      'stat'    : [6051,6752],
      'output'  : 'timeseries',
      'fcrs'    : [1200],
      'system'  : 'ABV',
      'type'    : 'continuous',
      'source'  : '/g/data/dp9/jtl548/cylc-run/u-ac651/share/data/ver/ARD_GM',
      'expids'  : ['u-ac651-GM'],
      'names'   : ['ARD_GM'],
      'area'    : [101,102,103],
      'grid'    : 2,
      'param'   : [(16,8,1.0)],
      'jobid'   : 'Jin',
      'confopts': 'stderr',
      'dataopts': ['equalize','K to C', 'm/s to kt', 'Pa to hPa'],
      'truth'   : 0}'.',opts)

Or to set the key/value pairs of the dictionary variable, 'opts' in a single line to be copy-and-paste friendly,

opts={'start':20150615, 'end':20150616, 'times':[0,600,1200,1800], 'stat':[6051,6752], 'output':'timeseries', 'fcrs': [1200], 'system':'ABV', 'type':'continuous', 'source':'/g/data/dp9/jtl548/cylc-run/u-ac651/share/data/ver/ARD_GM', 'expids':['u-ac651-GM'], 'names':['ARD_GM'], 'area':[101,102,103], 'grid': 2, 'param':[(16,8,1.0)], 'jobid':'Jin', 'confopts':'stderr', 'dataopts':['equalize','K to C', 'm/s to kt', 'Pa to hPa'], 'truth': 0}


  1. UKMO made VerPy sources available through the VER MOSRS shared repository, Various versions of VerPy documentation are viewable through
  1. From time to time you may need to refer to the VER documentation. Please use the MOSRS VER documentation page (

Sample VerPy scripts

Adam Clayton (the person who works on Hybrid VAR for UKMO but has been in KMA for a number of years) sent me a tarball with a newer version of VerPy (version 1.1). In that tarball there are some example VerPy scripts for generating different types of plots. I untar'ed the tarball and placed all the files under,


Xudong Sun tested various Verpy plots at Raijin: /g/data/dp9/xds548/verpy for APS3 Presentation and some plot in http://logan:8011/nwp-wg/wiki/NWPTNotes_20160818#no1 Discussions and plots at (APS3) Suite Working Group Wiki

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