GPSRO Bufr files and OPS processing of GPSRO


  1. There's confusion as to the version of GPSRO MetDB elements file used. Following lists what's currently used,
    1. The APS2 Rose collaborative suite uses MetDB elements file version, bom/common/aps2.r00 which is based on UKMO v101
      1. Files modified are for Sonde_DROPSOND.elements, Sonde_PILOT.elements, Sonde_TEMP.elements and Sonde_WINPRO.elements
      2. The elements above were changed because our Bufr files contain 300 levels
    2. The pre-operational BNOC SCS suite (saneg) uses locally modified elements files, /g/sc/ophome/ashare/APS2/OPS/control/Elements/gl/v101
      1. same changes as bom/common/aps2.r00
      2. in addition, Surface_BOGUS.elements is changed (Q. Why????)
    3. UKMO updated to v106 to correct GPSRO elements for TPD (tangent point drift)
      1. this was done wit PS35 (OPS31.0.1)
  1. ToDo. It will be good to test what ODB we get
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