This ticket is to release the first version of the “netcdf satrad monitoring” package which was developed to monitor brightness temperatures and radiances from satellite sensors. The satrad monitoring is a self-contained python based package which is user independent, configurable and usable for both research and operational purpose. It can be used:

  • as a general satellite diagnostic tool (e.g. OPS/ODB testing changes, exploring satellite data);
  • as an operational/research satellite monitoring.

For monitoring purpose, the package can provide:

1) an automatic email alert to notify severe warnings (e.g. missing observations, broken/noisy channels) which can cause wrong rejection of working channels;
2) a detailed summary of stats (mean/std/number) for each satellite and channel (e.g. ascii format);
3) for each satellite and channel (configurable):

a) coverage plots of OPS QC observations
b) archive of stats (“nc stats archive”, netcdf format)
c) (from point b above) Time series plots of O-B stats (mean/std/number) for different configurable geographical domains (G, NH, T, SH)

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