Procedure for running OPS using the Totalview debugger

  • First I built OPS using compiler and linker flags that enable the generation of full debugging information in object files:

The top-level FCM make config file is src/config/ops_x86_64_ifort_debug.cfg

Note 1. The original copy of "ops_x86_64_ifort_debug.cfg" is for a particular UKMO site/platform. This was progressively modified patterned on the FCM make config file for generating optimised executables, "ops_x86_64_ifort_opt.cfg"

Note 2. See the full commit log messages of the branch for details

  • I made all the suggested changes described in:

I put in a change for Cylc6. However the last suggested change seems dodgy. Need to check with Martin when he comes back from UM Workshop (????)

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