Plan of attack

  1. Set up a suite that includes SSMIS
  1. Check the symmetric nature of all-sky FG departures of SSMIS

Collaborating with UKMO Scientists

Fabrizio identified a few major hurdles which may get in the way even post-MOSRS:

  1. OPS, VAR and UM code changes continuously and this will be a major problem for all-sky work since it will involve all of the 3 components:
    • OPS-ODB may continue to slow us down as it always has done - will the complete move to UKMO way of using ODB solve this problem?
  2. Unless we are an integral part of the UKMO PS development it will be hard for us to keep our code up-to-date with OPS, VAR and UM trunk
    • Can we be updated in all the OPS, VAR and UM code changes by having our names in cc list? Or is there a master cc list for each PS development?

SSMIS channel selection

  • Vinod tells me that F17 ch4 had problems
  • Bias bias regression coeff update why for F17 the coeffs didn't change for the majority of channels?
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