Procedure of updating bias update code

Before I put in the changes related to my commandline arguments there were a few changes that Vinod made on his local copy. I've put Vinod's changes first followed by my changes. The steps I've followed to put Vinod changes are:


  1. Install dir where latest check out copy is,


  1. This is a checked out copy of the "trunk",

  1. I did "fcm branch-create" and created my branch into which the changes I made are put in,


Check out a working copy to,



I have an updated copy of LaunchBiasCorrection.ksh called '' under:


This is copied to my working dir (raijin3:/home/548/jtl548/da/sat_da/aps2/scripts/shell/r51_bias_correction)


Vinod's local copy on Ngamai, Ngamai:/g/sc/home/vinodk/public/bias_correction/scripts was copied to Raijin


Did recursive diff between Vinod's and mine and put diff into my working copy:

  1. code changes associated with renaming of mtsat to mtsatclr
  1. use of a single coefficient update script, CalculateBiasCoeffs.ksh (called by launch script) and associated change


Once Vinod's changes were tested I then put in my changes:

Replaced hard-wired variables/values with those supplied from an input file.


After installing the new version of the code in ~access/da make sure to update "BC_ROOTDIR" of the input file so that the launch script uses correct scripts and executables.

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