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Jedi stack is a special module environment specifically for installing JEDI applications. It has its own versions of libraries like netcdf, lapack and atlas.

To use jedi-stack you must first enable lmod and then set MODULEPATH:

# Set the compiler and mpi version to use
module load intel-compiler/2021.5.0 openmpi/4.1.2

# Load the standard TCL modules (these just set the *_ROOT variables)
module use /g/data/access/ngm/modules
module load lmod
module load jedi-stack

# Activate lmod
source $LMOD_ROOT/activate.bash
export MODULEPATH=$JEDI_STACK_ROOT/modulefiles/core

# Load the lmod modules
module load jedi-stack
module list

Now all of the dependencies required to build JEDI applications will be loaded.

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