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To compile your own version of jedi-fv3 load prerequisites using the jedi-stack module then follow the instructions in the documentation from Step 2: Build fv3-bundle (make sure that you set up 'git lfs').

When using OpenMPI you must add an additional flag to ecbuild indicating where to find Fortran modules:

ecbuild --build=Release -DMPI_Fortran_ADDITIONAL_INCLUDE_DIRS=$OPENMPI_ROOT/include/$NCI_COMPILER_TYPE ../fv3-bundle

Following the tutorial requires building the bundle yourself, as that will download the required sample data. You will need to edit the paths in the tutorial files (under the 'tutorials' directory of fv3-bundle), changing /opt/jedi/build to the directory where you built fv3-bundle, e.g. with something like:

for file in $(find tutorials -type f); do
    # Replace $PWD/build with the path to your own build directory
    sed -i "s:/opt/jedi/build:$PWD/build:" $file
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