Next Generation Modelling Infrastructure

NGM Modules

Software environment maintained by BoM NGM team

On Gadi, NGM modules are available on /g/data/access, and can be enabled with

module use /g/data/access/ngm/modules

The NGM modules will load an appropriate version based on the currently loaded compiler and mpi modules

Installed Modules

  • lmod: A lua-based version of environment modules
  • jedi-stack: Build environment for JEDI Data Assimilation bundles
  • jedi-fv3: JEDI DA tools for fv3-based models
  • fcm: UM Build tool
  • oasis3-mct Coupling library
  • cylc Workflow Scheduler
  • xios IO Server
  • ants? Unified Model Ancillary Tools
  • nemo-utils NEMO Utilities


Meta-modules load the full environment needed to build a model. Load the module version matching the version of the model you're trying to build, e.g. for UM 12.2

module use /g/data/access/ngm/modules
module purge
module load build-um/12.2

Installed Modules

  • build-nemo
  • build-um

NGM Suites

Met Office Rose suites made available at NCI by the BoM NGM team.

Experiment Types

Suite Porting Guide

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