APS3 deterministic/ensemble global NWP suite

APS3 global suite is being developed collaboratively by scientists and IT support staff at the Bureau. The suite is based on UKMO trial suite (PS37 baseline) written by Mike Thurlow. All the suite development work is done at MOSRS SVN repository (u-aa670) and its documentation uses Trac (ticket #1 for progress and linked ticket summary).

Following contains instructions on how set up the environment and run the suite.

Brief description of the suite

User environment

Rose and Cylc

As the disk quota on $HOME is quite small you will find yourself running out of disk space for storing log and other files. You're advised to use /g/data (or /short). In order to use /g/data for Rose run directory following is recommended in $HOME/.metomi/rose.conf:


This will create following symbolic link,

$HOME/cylc-run/SUITE -> /short/$PROJECT/$USER/cylc-run/SUITE

Note '!!' is to ignore the KEY=VALUE pairs which are set in Rose site config file.

How to run suite


Before running a long trial it's important to configure the suite the way you intend it. Else you'll find you wasted valuable compute time and resources. Following is a checklist,

Checklist Details
Switch off observations types which we don't have
Make sure you are archiving all the files needed - both for deterministic and ensemble cycles Check the deterministic archive app, 'gl_archive' and ensemble archive app, 'engl_archive'. Make sure you go through all the optional apps
Check OPS control files and their versions ????

Trouble shooting guide

Problems arising from startup script

Some of the settings in your startup scripts can interfere with the running of the suite. This occurs when tasks are submitted to PBS. PBS automatically executes user's startup script.

For csh users

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