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The Met Office have set up a new "shared repository" facility for collaboration between the UM Partners, located at (login required). This goes under the name of "Met Office Science Repository Service", with the acronym MOSRS. The new service has been live since late 2014. It was released to the full community in December 2014, and is now available for all ACCESS users.

This shared repository facility will become the primary repository for ACCESS code-related developments in the future, taking over from the access-svn code repositories. The repositories will remain available for work on previous versions, new developments will be in svn repositories and associated trac documentation system.

A more detailed description of the shared repository service is available in the attached Met Office launch presentation: 20141204_Shared_Repository.pptx.

Quick links to particular shared repository pages

Info on using the shared repository with ACCESS systems


An initial single ACCESS group registration was done in February 2015, so all ACCESS users from that date should now be registered through that process. Users should have received a registration email from with the subject: Your Met Office Science Repository Service account. Usernames are similar to the FirstnameSurname that has been used on the Met Office collab_wiki, except this time it's all lowercase. Users simply follow the link and give a password to validate their account, and then go to to gain access and start using the new facility. Note that the registration invitation expires after 14 days, after which time it's necessary to contact access_help@… to re-initiate the registration process.

After registration, go to to log onto the repository.

After the initial group registration, individual registrations for ACCESS users need to be arranged through the ACCESS institutional sponsors:

Bureau (and others) CSIRO ARCCSS
Michael Naughton
Robin Bowen
Asri Sulaiman
Wenming Lu
Martin Dix Scott Wales
Claire Carouge
Holger Wolff


Please contact access_help at if you have any problems.

Admin note: From the login page:

To register for an account, Met Office staff should contact 
Other users should contact their local institutional sponsor. If in doubt, please contact for advice stating your affiliate institution 
and your reason for wanting access.

If your password is due to expire in the next 14 days, you will be prompted to change it. 
If you cache your password using GNOME keyring, please remember to update this cache 
when you change your password.

If you are having problems logging on, please contact
To reset your password click here.

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