Installation of RTTOV module


The RTTOV source code for version 11 and higher has been separated from the OPS and VAR sources, since shortly before the release of OPS and VAR 2016.11.0. It is now compiled externally and linked in.


The RTTOV source code was provided by David Davies (UK Met Office) via jasmin at group_workspaces/jasmin2/tids/OPS/RTTOV/rttov113_ops_branch_2121.tar.gz. There was an earlier version, which was superseded due to a minor fix to allow the code to work correctly in OPS.

The code has been put into a repository at


The RTTOV code was built using a script based on one by David Davies. The script copies itself to the build installation.

It was chosen to build using the configuration file rttov113_ops_branch_2121/build/arch/ifort-ops to specify flags.

The OPS environment was loaded to build RTTOV.


The RTTOV build was installed in /projects/access/apps/rttov/rttov-11.3-x86_64-ifort-opt.
The RTTOV module is 11.3_ifort15.

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