Research Variable Domain Model ACCESS-X: access_x_vn7.8_1.5km

ACCESS-X is a research NWP system with spatial resolution of 1.5km and vertical resolution

of 70 levels. It runs out to 36 hours and twice daily, 00Z and 12Z(UTC). ACCESS-X nests within

ACCESS-R (Australia Regional model with 12km spatial resolution) for the initial condition and

lateral boundary condition.

The purpose of ACCESS-X is to provide high-resolution forecast to severe weather conditions,

such as fire, flood etc to those areas which are not covered by high-resolution city models.

Note: The naming convention of research system will follow MODEL_UMVERSION_RESOLUTION. In

this case, MODEL is access_x, UMVERSION is vn7.8 and spatial resolution is 1.5km, so the

standard experiment is named as access_x_vn7.8_1.5km.

ACCESS-R covers the region of -65.0°S to 16.95°N and 65.0°E to 184.57°E. Theoretically,

scientists should specify any sub-domains within this region to do weather forecasting research.

One of the ACCESS-R relative humidity plot is displayed below to illustrate the area ACCESS-R covers.

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