Please refer the wiki page

on how to set the environemnt, do the installation (replace apc1_access_c with

access_x_vn7.6_4km) and run the model.

You may also calculate the resources required by any specific

domains by checking the resources needed by those standard domains. You can go to

to check the sizes of the standard domains for comparison.

Specify Running Dates

The initial cycle time and final cycle time are specified in accessdev::$HOME/roses/access_x_vn7.6_4km/suite.rc.

The default value of initial cycle time and final cycle time are both set at 2014011800

because the test case only does one run 20140118 00Z(UTC). Please update those two variables

for different test cases. initial cycle time and final cycle time do not need to be same but

final cycle time should not be earlier than initial cycle time.

Environment Setting

You may modify the settings by updating raijin:$HOME/roses/access_x_vn7.6_4km/bin/env.access_x_vn7.6_4km.

Most of the system variables are defined in this file. A list of variables you may need to modify are

as follows,

  • EXPTID: an ID for the experiment, default S.
  • DATADIR0: path where all the forecast data goes.
  • INITIAL_DIR: path where the dump file is.
  • PI_DIR: path where the pi files are.
  • INITIAL_DATA: naming convention of the dump file.
  • PIPRE: pi files prefix.
  • PI_DATA: naming convention of pi files.
  • PI_MAX: the number of pi files.
  • ARCV_CLEAN: pp files to be removed from disk.
  • ARCV_GRB: pp files to be converted to grib format.
  • ARCV_NCDF: pp files to be converted to netCDF format.
  • LOG: path to hold log files.
  • LOG_TASKS: path to the central log files.

You can also modify the location in which netCDF data is located. Go to

raijin:$HOME/roses/access_x_vn7.6_4km/beans/mars/um2nc, and update the variable

NC_ARCV_DIR="/short/$PROJECT/$USER/ncdata/" to a new place.

Set Up Random Domain

The advantage of ACCESS-X is to run forecast over any domain within ACCESS-R region.

To set up your own domain, please go to raijin:$HOME/roses/access_x_vn7.6_4km/ and

modify SW1 and/or SW2. Those files look like,

# for ancil






You can specify the four variables LAT_START, LAT_END, LON_START and LON_END, then run the model.

DELTA is not needed to be changed because the suite is only tested with 4km resolution.

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