VAR build documentation

Official releases

Builds of official releases can be found in raijin:/projects/access/nwpdir/share/APS3/VAR/<version>


Changes required from trunk version:

  1. nci.rc: inherit from VAR_LINUX_BUILD for build, instead of LINUX_R for run. Correct FCM_EXTRACT to be $CYLC_SUITE_SHARE_DIR/fcm_make_extract__var_x86_64/extract (extract was missing).
  2. suite-families.rc: correct qsub directives for build and post script for copying ($FCM_EXTRACT/fcm-make-on-success.cfg to $FCM_EXTRACT/../fcm-make-on-success.cfg)
  3. nci-x86-ifort-env-in: change intel-mpi to version


Superceded, do not use.


Changes required from trunk version:

  1. Handling of external RTTOV library

See VAR ticket 235 at

Build procedure

  1. Take branch from trunk at release revision. (Ideally this should be a shared branch.)
  2. Make changes required to build. (Normally should build from the trunk, but we don't always keep up with the changes necessary to ensure this.)
  3. Compile with rose stem --task=fcm_make. Optionally provide a config like var_x86_64_ifort_opt_mirror.

Upgrade to ROSE and CYLC versions

VAR trunk has recently (end Jan 2017) been upgraded to use rose 2016.11.1 and cylc 6.11.2. If these are not the default versions, then the following changes are necessary to build VAR off the head of the trunk:

  • in src/scripts/Var_Build_Specific/nci-x86-ifort-env-init add fcm to list of modules to delete
  • to build run ROSE_VERSION=2016.11.1 CYLC_VERSION=6.11.2 rose stem --task=fcm_make
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