SURF build documentation

Official releases

Builds of official releases can be found under /projects/access/nwpdir/share/APS3/SURF/vn32.0.0


This revision is only slightly advanced from the official release (r2).


Build procedure

  1. Check out release from trunk (or branch if changes were required)
  2. run rose stem --task=fcm_make and optionally provide a configuration like surf_x86_64_ifort_opt_mirror

Upgrade to ROSE and CYLC versions

SURF trunk has recently (end Jan 2017) been upgraded to use rose 2016.11.1 and cylc 6.11.2. If these are not the default versions, then the following changes are necessary to build surf off the head of the trunk:

  • in src/scripts/Surf_Build_Specific/nci-x86-64-ifort-env-init add fcm to list of modules to delete
  • to build run ROSE_VERSION=2016.11.1 CYLC_VERSION=6.11.2 rose stem --task=fcm_make
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