200G/24 hours

Total: ~90T

Note. There is a possibility of NAS running for a fixed trial period. However, currently NAS trial runs near-real-time using scratch/.

City Ensemble Suite

External Inputs (per domain per cycle)

  • C3 Analysis (start dump from C3): ~6.8 Gb
  • GE3 Frames: ~2.5 Gb
  • GE3 Subareas: ~475 Mb
  • Total: ~9.7 Gb
  • For a one month trial, for one domain this is ~ 1.2 Tb.
  • For CE3 science trials, we ran 2 months per domain: ~17 Tb (7 domains, 2 months per domain).

Suite Outputs (from trials - that is, on /scratch/)

  • When converted to netCDF, a one month trial for one domain is ~28 Tb.

Common Data

  • CE3 suite uses the same UM as C3 and along with using similar control data.
    • CE3 has it's own ancillary files but are captured in the City Suite section above.

Strategy for reducing holdings

  • To reduce the amount of data required for CE3, the following could be adopted:
    • Keep the started dumps from C3 for 6 months before ageing them off.
      • This would require the ability to cold (or warm) start C3 to generate CE3 start dumps - The proposal of keeping G3 start dumps once a day after 6 months means that C3 can be started on any day to produce start dumps for CE3.
      • This would increase the computational cost of trials!
    • The subarea and frames would need to be retained for the full period.
Estimates for this proposal
  • Start dumps for all domains for 6 months: 7 (domain) x 4 (cycles) x 183 (days) x 6.8 Gb (start dump) = ~35 Tb
  • Frames (whole period): 7 (domains) x 4 (cycles) x 3 (years) x 365 (days) x 2.5 Gb = 77 Tb
  • Subareas (whole period): 7 (domains) x 4 (cycles) x 3 (years) x 365 (days) x 475 Gb = 15 Tb
  • Total: 127 Tb


BARRA 12 km national reanalysis and 1.5km subdomains over Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Tasmania:

  • BARRA-R t+0h Analysis per (6-hour) cycle: 12 G
  • BARRA-R t-3h start dump per cycle: 12 G
  • BARRA-R SM analysis per cycle: 39 Mb
  • BARRA-R daily SST ancillary from OSTIA for one year: 8 Gb
  • BARRA-R static ancillary: 125 Gb
  • Obs for 2015: 545Gb (aus_local - satellite, conventional, profiler), 284 Gb (ecmwf - conventional, satellite radiances), 9 G (ROMSAF GPSRO)
  • BARRA-R ERA-Interim frames for one-year: 11G
  • BARRA-R LBC dumps over 9h per cycle: 7Gb
  • BARRA-AD, BARRA-SY, BARRA-PH, BARRA-TA static ancillary: 284 Gb

A year of data: 8.3 Tb (Only 1 analysis per day)


BARPA 12km projections over central+eastern Australia, and 2.2km over midlatitude Australia and 4.4km over tropical Australia:

  • BARPA-R restart dumps per 10-day cycle: 14 Gb
  • BARPA-R LBC dumps: 7.2 Gb
  • BARPA-R ERA-Interim frames for one year: 275 Gb
  • BARPA-R SST ancillary from ERA-Interim for one-year period: 4.3 Gb
  • BARPA-R ozone ancillary for one-year period: 3.3 Gb
  • BARPA-R aerosols ancillary for one-year period: 29 Gb
  • BARPA-R static ancillary: 22 Gb
  • BARPA-CT, BARPA-CM SST ancillary from ERA-Interim for one-year period: 5.6Gb, 1.6 Gb
  • BARPA-CT, BARPA-CM ozone ancillary for one-year period: 19Gb, 5 Gb
  • BARPA-CT, BARPA-CM aerosols ancillary for one-year period: 164 Gb, 45G
  • BARPA-CT and BARPA-CM static ancillary: 125Gb, 35Gb

A year of data: 1.3 Tb (assume aerosols and ozone climatology, and thus excluding aerosols and ozone timevarying ancillaries)

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