mars-like on NCI/ngamai



default version as per Bureau's official version on flurry/twister/ngamai


  • use pc[STEP] as filenames for pressure level fields. This is the convention used in BNOC's post-processing software access_regrid. Note default version 1.0.1 uses pc[STEP+2] as filenames as per output from ACCESS models.
  • fixed a bug in closing input grib files as too many opened files can cause memory to blow out.

on NCI

module load mars (default to 1.0.1)
module load mars/1.0.2

1. operational/overseas model data

class = OD,
expver = 1,
stream = access-g/access-r/access-dn/.../access-sy/ # access
stream = ukgc/usavm/jmagsm/cmcgem # overseas model data from rtdb

See also
Operational ACCESS-G/R/C data on NCI
Overseas model data on NCI

2. research data

export GRB_ROOT=/path/to/data/archive, default is /short/$PROJECT/$USER/opendap/ to archive, where file must be pxnnn in grib format, with filename as per output from the model, and x = a..g but not pi to retrieve. Set GRB_ROOT to access other users' archive, eg. /share/dp9/yix548/opendap/

on ngamai

1. operational data in BNOC's mars archive, overseas model data in mars/rtdb

2. research data

as per NCI but with

database = opendap, # this is the default on NCI

and archive to disk with (ar_mars to write to proper mars)

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