NCI Project dp9 -- ACCESS BoM research runs on Vayu

Michael Naughton email 12/9/2012


This is just to inform you that a block of time has been made available by CSIRO for ACCESS BoM research running from now until the new machine arrives.

The project is dp9 -- ACCESS BoM research runs on Vayu

Staff currently listed on the project are

mjn548 -- Michael Naughton (Lead investigator) yix548 -- Yi Xiao wml548 -- Wenming Lu iib548 -- Ilia Bermous axs599 -- Asri Sulaiman

Other esm_bom or cawcr-bom staff can be added to the project as appropriate.

The precise resource amounts will depend on availablility; the initial proposal request is 500K core hours and 200 TB disk space. On the cpu side, this is about 2% of the machine.

Application had been made for the Oct-Dec quarter, but the request has been made for a modest advance allocation to start the preliminary work earlier. Likewise, depending on start time on the new machine, we may need to request the project to continue after the end of December.

ESM-BOM are very grateful to CSIRO for giving us this time; thanks to Tony Hirst and Rob Bell for organising and arranging it.

Hopefully this can be used to do some of the planned ACCESS research work that will not be able to be done on solar because of capacity constraints there.

Application form is attached, with 8-page version of the info above, if anyone really cares to read it. Approval has been signed off by Rob Bell.

Cheers, Mike

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