Testing APS1 Global um vn7.5 Executable build documentation

  • i) Build of vn7.5 executable as described in Access_NWP_Build_Procedures produces slightly different result when tested against running executable

  • ii) Examine the operational exe xbkxh.exe

    objdump -t /g/sc/ophome/ashare/APS1/um/vn7.5/exec/xbkxh.exe > objdt_xbkxh.exe_txt
    grep gcom objdt_xbkxh.exe_txt

--> the executable is built using Ilia's built of GCOM

copy this to ~access/apps/gcom/sp/ilia_3.5_mpich2_273_165

  • iii) Build and test of this executable by Joan returns identical result to operational executable.
  • Build jobs are as follows
    • qaaba Original build job developed for this purpose.
    • baaug Build job using gcom library from Ilia.
  • Runjobs to test the executable are as follows
    • baaua test run using aps1 exe ( /g/sc/ophome/ashare/APS1/um/vn7.5/exec/xbkxh.exe
    • baaub test run using Joan's qaajg.exe
    • baauc test run using azs's qaaba exe

APS2 Global Exe

  • Build job (from umefa)


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