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Research Variable Domain Model ACCESS-G: access_g_vn8.2_25km

ACCESS-G is a research NWP system with spatial resolution of 25km and vertical resolution of 70 levels. This translate to N512 resolution with horizontal grid of 1024 x 769. It runs daily at 00Z (UTC).

The access_g_vn8.2_25km forecast suite is set up on ACCESS Rose/cylc infrastructure using as the interactive server for setting up and initiating jobs. Jobs (eg. model runs) are sent to supercomputer for execution in its batch queue.

Note: The naming convention of research system will follow MODEL_UMVERSION_RESOLUTION. In this case, MODEL is access_g, UMVERSION is vn8.2 and spatial resolution is 25km, so the standard experiment is named as access_g_vn8.2_25km.

Sample Plots

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