Please refer the wiki page

on how to set the environment, do the installation (replace apc1_access_c with

access_c_vn7.8_1.5km), and run the model.

Specify Running Dates

The initial cycle time and final cycle time are specified in accessdev::$HOME/roses/access_c_vn7.8_1.5km/suite.rc.

The default value of initial cycle time and final cycle time are both set at 2014011800

because the test case only does one run 20140118 00Z(UTC). Please update those two variables

for different test cases. initial cycle time and final cycle time do not need to be same but

final cycle time should not be earlier than initial cycle time.

Environment Setting

You may modify the settings by updating raijin:$HOME/roses/access_c_vn7.8_1.5km/bin/env.access_c_vn7.8_1.5km.

Most of the system variables are defined in this file. A list of variables you may need to modify are

as follows,

  • EXPTID: an ID for the experiment, default S.
  • DATADIR0: path where all the forecast data goes.
  • INITIAL_DIR: path where the dump file is.
  • PI_DIR: path where the pi files are.
  • INITIAL_DATA: naming convention of the dump file.
  • PIPRE: pi files prefix.
  • PI_DATA: naming convention of pi files.
  • PI_MAX: the number of pi files.
  • ARCV_CLEAN: pp files to be removed from disk.
  • ARCV_GRB: pp files to be converted to grib format.
  • ARCV_NCDF: pp files to be converted to netCDF format.
  • LOG: path to hold log files.
  • LOG_TASKS: path to the central log files.

You can also modify the location in which netCDF data is located. Go to

raijin:$HOME/roses/access_c_vn7.8_1.5km/beans/mars/um2nc, and update the variable

NC_ARCV_DIR="/short/$PROJECT/$USER/ncdata/" to a new place.

access_c_vn7.8_1.5km Resources Required For Running

We list the resources, including wall time, CPU time and data size, required for running

access_c_vn7.8_1.5km in the following table. Users may calculate the cost of

experiments on NCI using this reference.

City Domain Num. of Cores Wall Time (min) CPU time (hour) Input Data Size(B) Output Data Size(GB)
Brisbane BN 512 ~45 360 4.2G/4.4G 25
Sydney SY 512 ~40 330 3.6G/4.1G 23
VicTas VT 512 ~95 790 8.6G/6.4G 50
Adelaide AD 512 ~60 500 5.6G/5.2G 32
Perth PH 512 ~65 515 5.6G/5.2G 30
Darwin DN 512 ~60 490 5.0G/5.0G 35
  • Those figures are approximate and only for reference.
  • In the column of Input Data Size(B), the sizes of initial condition and lateral boundary
    condition files (IC/LBC) are listed.
  • Output Data Size(B) only includes all forecast data in pp format. The usage is larger if
    you keep forecast data in grib and netCDF format as well.

Sample Plots

In this section, we list a number of plots for reference.

Case1: SY Fire Weather Oct 2013->Relative Humidity

Case2: SY Fire Weather Oct 2013->Surface Wind

Case3: VT Heat Wave Jan 2014->Screen Temp

Case4: BN Heavy Rainfall Jan 2014->Mslp Precipitation

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