Model in Details

access_c_vn7.8_1.5km shares the same structure of the system and suite with aps1_access_c.

Please refer the wiki link

for detailed explanation of the system, suite and other design issues.

access_c_vn7.8_1.5km Compilation of Source Code

Researchers may need to modify the source codes for testing new Physics, improving efficiency and so on.

The source code is copied by the ~access/AccessModelExperimentLibrary/access_c_vn7.8_1.5km/install_access_c_vn7.8_1.5km.ksh

to raijin:/short/$PROJECT/$USER/access_c_vn7.8_1.5km_src. The modification on source codes must be done in umbase

place and users may follow the instructions to do the compilation,

  1. Update the environment,

module purge

module use ~access/modules

module load intel-cc/

module load intel-fc/

module load openmpi/1.6.5

module load netcdf/4.3.0

module load fcm/2.3.1

  1. Go to raijin:/short/$PROJECT/$USER/access_c_vn7.8_1.5km_src/ummodel and type

fcm build

to produce UM executable. Look for the executable in raijin:/short/$PROJECT/$USER/access_c_vn7.8_1.5km_src/ummodel/bin,

the name of the executable is UM7.8_UKV_PS27.exe.

  1. Go to raijin:/short/$PROJECT/$USER/access_c_vn7.8_1.5km_src/umrecon and type

fcm build

to produce UM Reconfiguration executable. Look for the executable in raijin:/short/$PROJECT/$USER/access_c_vn7.8_1.5km_src/umrecon/bin,

the name of the executable is qxreconf.

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