version 0.0.9


cd /projects/access/modules
mkdir smocs
cd /projects/access/apps
mkdir smocs


   cd /projects/access/apps/smocs
   mkdir 0.0.9
   cd 0.0.9
   svn checkout

We need to fix the magic as well,

   cp -r ~ljr548/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/python_magic-0.4.6-py2.7.egg /projects/access/apps/smocs/0.0.9

This is not standard practice. We will request this magic to be installed on raijin to fix this issue.

  1.    cd /projects/access/modules/smocs
       touch 0.0.9

the conten of 0.0.9 is,

source /opt/Modules/extensions/extensions.tcl

set name "smocs"
set version "0.0.9"
set install-contact "Wenming Lu <>"
set install-date    "20-04-16"
set help "smocs"
set url

set prefix "/projects/access/apps/$name/$version"

#module use /apps/Modules/modulefiles
#module use /projects/access/modules
module load python/2.7.6
module load python/2.7.6-matplotlib
module load cdat-lite/6.0rc2-fcasttime

prepend-path PATH $prefix
append-path PATH $prefix/scripts
append-path PATH $prefix/tools
append-path PATH $prefix/python/Collect
append-path PATH $prefix/python/Harvest

prepend-path  PYTHONPATH $prefix/python
append-path PYTHONPATH $prefix/python/SMOCS
append-path PYTHONPATH $prefix/pythonlib/python_magic-0.4.6-py2.7.egg

# Add line break after docommon to avoid warnings from module switch

source /projects/access/modules/common
  1. Note: to make a deafult version create a .version at /projects/access/modules/smocs in this .version,
     set ModulesVersion 0.0.9
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