User Guide - moo translator for NCI


Many UKMO Rose suites use Rose's built-in application, "rose_arch" to archive suite files. "rose_arch" in turn calls the UKMO "moo" command to carry out archiving.

During APS3 global suite development we thought it would be best to create a script that would translate UKMO "moo" command to the equivalent for NCI rather than modifying archive suite apps to archive files to NCI storage locations. This way no part of the original UKMO suite definition and apps would need to be changed, which contributes towards suite non-divergence. The name of the NCI "moo" is same as UKMO "moo" for the same reason.

To use NCI "moo" translator,

module load moose-client-wrapper

This simply adds the location of the "moo" script to the environment variable, $PATH.

Two environment variables are used to control where data files are retrieved from and archived to. The environment variables and their defaults are,


N.B. moo version 1.0.0 does not allow retrieval or archiving from MDSS. This functionality will be written shortly.

Command usage

Usage: moo <sub-command> [options] [arguments]

sub-command can be,

   help      Some help message
   mkset     Create a directory
   get       Retrieve data
   put       Archive data

options can be,

   -c=umpp, --local-file-format=umpp     Convert files to portable pp file format during archiving
   -f, --force                           Force action

arguments can be,

   For sub-command=help        none
   For sub-command=mkset       name of directory to create
   For sub-command=get/put     source files/directories and target files/directories

For examples of how the "moo" translator is used refer to APS3 global suite, "u-aa670".

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