ASCAT Deployment Guide

Wenming Lu
16 NOV 2017

Installation of ancil-utils ver 1.0.0

1. Installation of ancil-utils at /projects/access/apps/

ascat is installed as one function of ancil-utils,

  • Prepare the location for ancil-utils

go to raijin,

cd /projects/access/apps/
mkdir -p ancil-utils/1.0.0
cd ancil-utils/1.0.0
mkdir -p ascat
cd ascat

Skip this step if it is already done.

  • Deploy the scripts and codes

At the raijin:/projects/access/apps/ancil-utils/1.0.0/ascat

svn checkout -r 1501

2. Making ascat available in module at /projects/access/modules/ancil-utils

Modify the module file, raijin:/projects/access/modules/ancil-utils/1.0.0 as, (adding idl module for ascat)

source /opt/Modules/extensions/extensions.tcl

set name "ancil-utils"
set version "1.0.0"
set install-contact "Wenming Lu <>"
set install-date    "10-08-17"
set help "ancil-utils"
set url

set prefix "/projects/access/apps/$name/$version"

module del geos
module load geos/3.4.2
module del pythonlib/ants
module load pythonlib/ants/3325
module del pythonlib/iris/1.10.0
module load iris/1.12.0
module load pythonlib/mock/1.0.1
module load gdal/2.1.3
module del python/2.7.6 python/2.7.6-matplotlib
module load python/2.7.11 python/2.7.11-matplotlib
#for ascat
module load idl/8.2

prepend-path PATH $prefix
prepend-path PYTHONPATH $prefix

prepend-path PATH $prefix/canopy_height
prepend-path PYTHONPATH $prefix/canopy_height

prepend-path PATH $prefix/ascat

prepend-path PATH $prefix/scripts
prepend-path PYTHONPATH $prefix/scripts

# Add line break after docommon to avoid warnings from module switch

source /projects/access/modules/common
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