NWP_PLOT Deployment Guide

Wenming Lu
05 April 2017

Installation of nwp_plot ver 1.0.0

Note: For other versions of nwp_plot app, the process is same with checking out different codes from repositories. Please go to the development reference for the svn revision number for versions.

1. Installation of nwp_plot at /projects/access/apps/

  • Prepare the location for nwp_plot

go to raijin,

cd /projects/access/apps/
mkdir -p nwp_plot
cd nwp_plot
  • Deploy the scripts and codes

At the raijin:/projects/access/apps/nwp_plot

svn checkout -r 1252 1.0.0

2. Creation of nwp_plot module at /projects/access/modules/nwp_plot

At raijin:/projects/access/modules/,

mkdir -p nwp_plot
cd nwp_plot
touch 1.0.0

Update the module file 1.0.0 as,

source /opt/Modules/extensions/extensions.tcl

set name "nwp_plot"
set version "1.0.0"
set install-contact "Wenming Lu <>"
set install-date    "05-04-16"
set help "nwp_plot"
set url

set prefix "/projects/access/apps/$name/$version"

module load iris/1.12.0
module load pythonlib/basemap/1.0.7

prepend-path PATH $prefix
prepend-path PYTHONPATH $prefix

# Add line break after docommon to avoid warnings from module switch

source /projects/access/modules/common

3. Test of the installation

Open a raijin xterm and,

module load nwp_plot/1.0.0 --help

You should see the output as follows,

usage: [-h] --plot PLOT --model MODEL [--range RANGE]
                  [--perspective PERSPECTIVE] [--template TEMPLATE]
                  [--plotsetting PLOTSETTING] [--inputsfc INPUTS]
                  [--inputpres INPUTP] [--inputrain INPUTR] [--output OUTPUT]
                  [--date YYYYMMDD] [--time HH] [--step STEP]
                  [--levtype LEVTYPE] [--levelist LEVELIST]
                  [--raingap RAINGAP] [-v VERBOSE]

Plot NWP Charts

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --plot PLOT           plot type
  --model MODEL         NWP Model Name
  --range RANGE         Plotting Range
  --perspective PERSPECTIVE
                        Plot Perspective
  --template TEMPLATE   Common Plot Settings
  --plotsetting PLOTSETTING
                        User Plot Settings
  --inputsfc INPUTS     NWP Surface Data File
  --inputpres INPUTP    NWP Pressure Level Data File
  --inputrain INPUTR    NWP Rainfall Data file
  --output OUTPUT       Plotted Chart Name
  --date YYYYMMDD       FCST Base Date
  --time HH             FCST Run Time
  --step STEP           Dataset Step
  --levtype LEVTYPE     Dataset Level Type
  --levelist LEVELIST   Pressure Level
  --raingap RAINGAP     Precipitaion Interval
  -v VERBOSE, --verbose VERBOSE
                        Print Out Data & Chart Details
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