ACCESS Utility Documentation Instruction

How to Create the Wiki for the Documentation

  • Go to the Documentation page
  • Log into the wiki using NCI account to enable the editing
  • Go the app (if app is not yet in the table, please add the app accordingly),
    • User Manual: in the box, add the [wiki:access/UtilsWG/UtilWgDocs/$APP_um User Manual]; $APP is the name of the app; um for User Manual
    • Deployment Guide: in the box, add the [wiki:access/UtilsWG/UtilWgDocs/$APP_dg Deployment Guide]; dg for Deployment Guide
    • Development Reference: in the box, add the [wiki:access/UtilsWG/UtilWgDocs/$APP_df Development Reference]; df for Development Reference
  • Submit the change and click the newly added wiki link and follow the instruction to create the page for adding documentation

Instruction: User Manual

Instruction: Deployment Guide

Instruction: Development Reference

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