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Minutes for 3rd December 2015

  1. OBS Monitoring Util: Tan to contact ECMWF on OBSTAT; wait for the feedback from Tan for the future plan after accessing OBSTAT
  2. Satellite Bias Correction: on hold; someone may pick it up early 2016
  3. VAR Monitoring: Xiao to contact Steve Oxley from Met Office and review plans afterwards
  4. Archiving: Tan to do the work but not until ODB/OPS are working
  5. STASH: Tan, Lawrie
    • enforcing the consistent time-step naming for all models
    • sensible naming for pp files instead of pa, pb, pc, pd etc.
  6. Tennessee is meeting Met Office people; it is probably a long term plan to use IRIS for pp file manipulation
  7. bufr_split: to be added to master table (assigned to Tan likely)
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