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Minutes for 31st May 2016

People: Mike, Lawrie, Susan, Chris, Peter, Chun Hsu, Tan, Wenming

  1. Susan and Wenming going to put suite-audit in to ~access/modules as a beta version

  1. There is a detailed discussion about APS3 STASH. Lawrie has pretty much done the conversions of

APS2 STASH to APS3 in rose_app.conf format. Lawrie has scripts to do the conversion in addition to the ROSE MACRO.

Details of Global STASH is discussed further. The decision is to do 1 hourly for 3 days and then 3/6 hourly for the rest.

To check the details, please go to STATSH wiki on ngamai. Tan is also co-working with Lawrie on STASH.

  1. smocs/0.0.9 beta version is available on raijin. Docs to be completed soon.

  1. Jin has updated moo. Now, moose-client-wrapper/1.0.0 is available on raijin.

Please go to to check the related user instructions in the table.

  1. nwp_plot/0.0.9 is also available for testing. Please go to link to check the instruction.

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