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Minutes for 24th September 2015

Analysis Increment Smoother

  • Fabrizio reviewed and OK
  • Code is in gzip file attached to ticket. Needs to be redone (and review process repeated) so
    1. Need to get Met Office to create repository, AFTER THAT:
    2. Code is in SVN as proper code, not a gzip
    3. Ticket needs to include documentation on how to go from svn checkout, via build to run & test
  • Pete checking with Keir Bovis as to why no project created in MOSRS Utils


  • name consistent with other GRIB and BUFR tools (grib_subset, gib_this, grib_that, ... )
  • After a number of emails with David Davies, decided this should go into OPS repository
  • Tan to create branch and ticket in MOSRS


  • Interest from Ocean side of BNOC
    • Andy Taylor and Rob Johnson (Rob can also add visualization expertise)
    • Lawrie cleaning up code and unifying various strands
  • Since also interest from UK via Utilities Technical Infrastructure project best to put into Utils repository
    • Advantage of Utils repository is that review and coding standards are much less
  • Lawrie to update List of Utilities
    • Also for STASH stuff - including column for ticket links, tickets to include links to branch
  • Wenming to be involved when it comes to developing standard builds and introduction to the suite

Satellite Monitoring

  • Fabrizio's code has been around, with documentation since March, waiting for inclusion in the grand scheme of things
  • Fabrizio to create ticket
    • documentation and/or ticket to describe how to go from svn to build, run and testing
    • Also check if necessary files are being generated by pre-operational G2
  • Zhihong to review
  • Wenming eventually also to be involved in getting suite triggered by main suite.

Archiving scripts

  • Wenming and Mike working on archive script developed by Les Logan
  • Ticket and branch to be created on access-svn utils
  • Update List of Utilities
    • Also add MakeBC to List of Utilities
    • include extra column for link to relevant tickets
    • tickets to include links to relevant branches

Python environments

  • Each system should have a clear specification of the Python environment
    • including full versions of Python modules
  • When each system is transferred to /apps then this information will be encapsulated within the relevant module.

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