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Minutes for 24th May 2016

People: Lawrie, Susan, Chris, Chun Hsu, Tomasz, Tan, Wenming, Peter, Mike, Robin

  1. Lawrie
    • STASH of converting APS2 Global and Global_ensemble to APS3 is done; validated without any error
    • STASH of APS3 City and City_ensemble starting soon

  1. Susan
    • suite_audit: added the function to compare cpu_time and wall_time to check the efficiency

  1. Tan
    • UM data archival scripts memory and wall_time requirements (N320); wait for Lawrie's output to carry further tests
    • UM restart script for UM run without using suites
    • ODB archival: under testing and likely to be wrapped up in 1/2 weeks
    • new MARS version from ECMWF; Tan will announce when it is done

  1. Jin & Wenming
    • moo vn0.0.9 is in /projects/access/modules; Jin is writing up the user instructions
    • NWP_PLOT: Wenming is writing up the user instructions

  1. Peter
    • VARStat tar ball received from MO
    • To be confirmed: Chris may be able to take the owner of VARStat in a month

  1. Robin
    • Set up a porting group (Asri) looking after ngamai->Terra, twister&flurry->VM
    • australis->production(west) & staging(east), terra->dev
    • We may look at porting utils from raijin to terra
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