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Minutes for 19th April 2016

People: Lawrie, Tomasz, Chris, Susan, Nathan, Wenming

  1. Susan has made the obspy work in a suite; Susan is also updating the obspy suite to run stats across multiple cycles in one run;

Wenming and Susan need to put the updated obspy into a module;

Currently, obspy is part of pyutils; check with Peter on how to manage/group those utils?

  1. Susan is still working on processing suite log file to extract information, walltime, memory usage, exit status;

we discussed the other information that should be extracted and processed for checking suite running

  1. We briefly discussed the SVN on MOSRS and access-svn. Lawrie mentioned that MO requires the code at MOSRS to be

open-sourced and BOM is yet to make decision on this request; therefore, we need to be careful on putting what utils at MOSRS;

for this reason, utils at MOSRS and access-svn must be independent; Wenming to check with Asri to make sure of that

  1. Lawrie will have STATSH ver.0 this week; in short term, we are using this STATSH for APS3 development;

in long term, Lawrie is still working on the conversion tool to convert APS2 STATSH for APS3 suites.

  1. Lawrie and Wenming to put SMOCS into module; when it is done, the work of putting SMOCS in suite will kick start

  1. Tan has kindly provided his working through an email. He summarised his work on archiving, obs_monitoring and other issues.
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