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Minutes for 17th May 2016

People: Tomasz, Chris, Susan, Robin, Nathan, Wenming, Tan
Apologies: Lawrie

  1. Tan's update
    • obstat is under test; Since Xiao is busy working on porting, Susan to provide some G3 odb2 data for testing
    • archival: works fine for model output; further work/test to be done for odb data

  1. Lawrie's update
    • STASH: global one is bit straightforward and to be done this week; move to regional after that

  1. Wenming's update
    • nwp_plot module 0.0.9 is under test; works woth G2 and R2, C2 to be tested; user instruction to be done after test
    • move from matplotlib 1.2.1 to 1.4.3 (need module six) to fix the background transparency bug

  1. Nathan's query
    • Nathan is working on checking metadata of some cilmate data and needs CF_compliant_check tool (CF: conventions for Climate and Forecast metadata); Tan to provide Nathan the location of the tool on raijin; this issue will be fixed in aps3

  1. Related issue
    • Please be aware that on raijin, there are two main modules:
        /apps/Modules/modulefiles : send request to
        /projects/access/modules : send request to
      Please check two modules thoroughly before making request
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