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Minutes for 10th May 2016

People: Lawrie, Tomasz, Mike, Susan, Robin, Nathan, Wenming, Tan, Peter

  1. Susan has updated the work on suite_audit util,
    • The ticket of this work is
    • utc/local time is discussed to be employed in the util
    • suite_usage: wall time, memory, exit staus etc
    • suite_task_run_time: average time of a cycle
    • var_task: cost function value(?)
    • max_vertical_wind:

  1. Susan updated the progress on obspy,
    • suite id is u-ac398; u-ad221 with BoM STASH from Lawrie
    • suite u-ac402 is a copy of u-aa670 but with working obspy task
    • verpy is assigned to Tan to have a look
    • issues about calling sub-suite in a main suite is discussed

  1. Tan has updated some wrok,
    • archival scripts are ready; sigle day archival tested OK; more through tests to be done when space available
    • Tan to test obstat from ECMWF; Wenming to send Tan SMS wiki; see Tan's email for details
         Hi all,
         I have installed obstat obtained from ECMWF on raijin, to access, run
         module load obstat
         The original tar ball is /short/dp9/ttl548/obstat_package_201605.tar.gz
         The installation process is done under /short/dp9/ttl548/obstat where I made some changes to the build script for our own environment on raijin.
         There are some docs under $OBSTAT_HOME/doc directory ($OBSTAT_HOME defined after module load)
         I will try to find somewhere on svn to put the code there, once I have cleaned up the mess in my working directory.

  1. Lawrie's updates
    • SMOCS: Lawrie and Wenming have tried to make a module of SMOCS; the module setup is working; Lawrie will clean up the codes and then make the module offcially available
    • STASH: in consistent profile name in MO; starting the STASH for ensemble suites
    • Lawrie mentioned ROSE_MACRO util in rose