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Minutes for 8th October 2015

Priorities for developments

  1. APS2 related utilities (highest)
  2. APS2 Obs Monitoring and Bias Correction (can be run in stand alone, so not critical for handover)
  3. APS3 Archiving
  4. APS3 Verification
  5. APS3 Observation, Bias Correction & SMOCS

Satellite Monitoring

  • waiting on review from Zhihong


  • need utility to move from old STASH to Rose config
    • this converter is almost running
      • strip out unwanted STASH from rose-config file
      • converts STASHC to rose-config file
      • Next step: combine & test
  • need utility to modify STASH
    • editor to be created
  • NCMWRF are also interested in ways to handle STASH according to TAG

APS3 Archiving Requirements

  • Need to prepare a decent set of requirements. Current thoughts include:
    • GRIB2 or netcdf
      • GRIB2 needed for some operational downstream systems
      • netCDF for OpENDAP - should be highest priority for APS3
    • IRIS seems to be faster tham UM converters
    • UM should have netCDF output by middle of next year
    • IRIS should be a suitbale layer for providing data for verification
    • Obs as either ODB2 or netCDF/HDF5
      • netCDF better for OpENDAP
      • conversion to netCDF reasonably straightforward
    • Need obs reading layer and frid reading layer
      • quite possibly provided by Tennessee's Quality Assurance Team as part of their verification work
    • Verification should be valid date centered
      • verify all data that can be at end of run
      • currently use a base-date approach.
    • Need to allow for a variety of retention periods depending on type of files.

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