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Minutes for 5th November 2015

APS3-G suite

Request for progress from Suites WG regarding action on utilities. Summary of quite activities

  1. Single run from UK suite
    • close to UK version with MetOffice output, but BoM BUFR
  2. Local run
    • as for step1, but with BoM output and other changes
  3. Cycling
  4. Archive
    • no need for archiving until cycling acheived
  5. Diagnostics
    • Should run from archive


Tan has outlined file structure for netcdf archive to NCI. To be circulated

  • This should be the basis for diagnostics tools
  • start_dumps, LBCs and BUFR files archived elsewhere
  • should be ONE archive of obs in netcdf (from operations) for use with diagnostics
    • can be supplemented by main trials for extra data not used by operations

Other utilities

  • Should there be an equivalent of local install/build for utilities?
  • How to best pass information on archive environment?

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From OPS @ Met Office

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