UM Technical Infrastructure Collaboration Project

Work in Progress -- Starting with Bureau aspects

Progress Notes for Jun-Aug 2015 Highlight Reports

TIAG: Advisory Group (Michael Naughton)

  • Michael Naughton, Martin Dix, Tony Hirst, Ben Evans travelled to UM Users Workshop.
  • Michael Naughton gave presentation summarising UM Partners TI activities in the last 12 months.
  • Scott Wales, Peter Steinle (*), Aurel Moise, Jeff Kepert (*), Charmaine Franklin (*), Yi Xiao, Rachel Law (*), Matt Woodhouse (*) participated remotely in UMUW; those with asterisks gave presentations.
  • Michael Naughton, Martin Dix, Scott Wales (VC) attended June TAG Meeting.
  • Michael Naughton took over as TAG Chair for Jun 2015 to Jun 2017 term.
  • Michael Naughton Trip Report circulated to various colleagues.
  • Michael Naughton participated in 21-Jul catch-up call with Keir Bovis and Mick Carter.
  • Michael Naughton arranged 31-Aug meeting re Bureau UMTIP progress

TISD: Suite Design (Yi Xiao)

  • Yi Xiao has been nominated as Bureau contact for TISD work package.
  • Yi Xiao and Milton Woods visited Met Office in June. Rose and Cylc aspects for Bureau research and operations were one of the main areas of the visit.
  • Yi Xiao, Michael Naughton, Peter Steinle participated in 31-Jul TISD Checkpoint Meeting.
  • Work has been done on PS36 implementation:
    • Yi Xiao has created version to run UM10.1 N768 forecasts from daily downloaded Met Office initial conditions.
    • Jin Lee has installed suite at NCI, made progress towards creating running suite.
    • DA aspects have been difficult to progress because of several months delays in Met Office providing OPS/VAR vn31/32 versions.

TICT: UM Configuration Testing (Michael Naughton)

  • Michael Naughton, Martin Dix and Scott Wales participated in 23-Jul Checkpoint Meeting.
  • Martin Dix has done check-out runs of UM 10.1 and UM 10.2 versions.
  • Scott Wales has set up daily ACCESS Rose-Stem testing.
  • Scott Wales has made major progress with switching off spurious Intel FORTRAN compiler messages, to give clean compilation output.
  • Michael Naughton has lodged prototype simplified UM and Recon build jobs in Rosie:u repository; refs are u-aa160 & u-aa162.
  • Ilia Bermous has exchanged email messages with Stuart Whitehouse regarding possibility of parallelising CreateBC, as he has previously done for MakeBC.

TIHP: High Performance Optimisation and Benchmarking (Ben Evans)

  • Ben Evans and Paul Selwood have been nominated as TIHP work pacakage leads.
  • Ben Evans (NCI) has become involved in this project, with its alignment with the NCI-Fujitsu-BoM ACCESS-Opt Project.
  • Ben Evans visited Met Office to attend UM Users Workshop, has been involved in regular TIHP discussions with Paul Selwood.
  • ACCESS-Opt work has been communicated to Met Office.
  • Bureau CRAY XC-40 supercomputer purchase announced on 21 July.
  • Ilia Bermous visit has been arranged for September.

TIDA: Data Assimilation (Peter Steinle)

  • Peter Steinle to add progress items here

TISU: Small Utilities (Lawrie Rikus)

  • Lawrie Rikus to add progress items here

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