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UM Consortium Technical Infrastructure Collaboration Project


The UM Consortium Technical Infrastructure Project is a collaborative project involving the core and associate UM Consortium members. Project documentation is available on the Technical Infrastructure TRAC wiki (registration required), in particular, in the Advisory Group sub-page. The project vision statement therein gives the context, purpose, scope and goals of the project.

Participation of core members (UK Met Office, Bureau-CSIRO, KMA, NCMRWF and NIWA) is part of the UM Licence Agreement. Under the terms of the UM Licence Agreement, the UM core partners have each agreed to 4 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff commitment to this programme. In the ACCESS case, the commitment is 2 FTEs each for BoM and CSIRO. The ARCCSS is not required to have a formal resource commitment to the partnership, but they are also involved in the project as UM associate members.

Bureau planned 2016-17 activities are provided below. As far as possible, these contributions have been discussed and agreed with relevant managers in each of the work areas.

Progress reports

ACCESS 2016-2017 contributions

Work Packages, leads and ACCESS points of contact.

WP WP description WP lead ACCESS points of contact; ACCESS contributors BoM CSIRO (*)
TIAG Advisory Group (and other management contributions) Keir Bovis, Michael Naughton Michael Naughton, Martin Dix, Scott Wales; Peter May, Gary Dietachmayer, Robin Bowen and others 0.3 0.1
TIRS Rose development and migration Dave Matthews, Keir Bovis none
TISD Suite Development Dave Matthews, Hilary Oliver Yi Xiao, Martin Dix, Scott Wales; Michael Naughton, Peter Steinle, Jin Lee, Susan Rennie 0.3 0.5
TICM Common shared repositories and Trac environments Dave Matthews, Keir Bovis Martin Dix, Scott Wales 0.1 0.1
TICT UM Configuration testing and system refresh Michael Naughton, Glenn Greed Michael Naughton, Scott Wales; Martin Dix, Lawrie Rikus and others 0.2
TIFF File Formats – STASH, NetCDF and GRIB2 Mark Hedley Martin Dix 0.3
TIAN Stabilising and re-engineering ancillary file system Jamie Kettleborough Martin Dix, Peter Dobrohotoff 0.2
TICF Coupling Frameworks OASIS-MCT TBC Dave Bi, Scott Wales 0.2
TIAV Data Processing & Visualisation Mark Hedley Martin Dix, Lawrie Rikus 0.1 0.1
TIHP HPC Optimisation Ben Evans (NCI), Paul Selwood Ilia Bermous, Milton Woods, ACCESS-Opt project members 0.5
TIDA Data Assimilation Peter Steinle, Adam Maycock Peter Steinle, Tan Le 0.3
TILS Land-surface model interoperability Rachel Law Rachel Law, Jhan Srbinovsky 0.55
TISU Small Utilities Lawrie Rikus Peter Steinle, Martin Dix, Wenming Lu, Gary Dietachmayer, Tan Le, Jin Lee 0.2
TIVE Verification Adam Clayton, Phil Gill Chris Bridge; Jin Lee, Yi Xiao 0.1
TIDS Data Sharing -- Jasmin Keir Bovis Martin Dix, Jin Lee, Scott Wales 0.1
TIRA Reanalysis Peter Steinle, Chun-Hsu Su 0.2
TIOP Operational systems Tennessee Leeuwenburg, Tim Pugh 0.2
Total 2.6 2.05


  • (*) CSIRO figures are 2015-16 numbers until they are updated for 2016-17.
  • Nominal contributions are rounded up to 0.1, since we are not aiming to track contibutions to finer than this scale.

Summary of Bureau 2016-2017 contributions

Rose-Cylc and shared repository developments have formed a large part of activities for the last couple of years. These are now well established, only require a small effort to keep updating to latest versions.

From 2015-16 onwards, each of the UM Partners was asked to nominate work packages where they would take lead role, and work packages where they would be devoting a significant part of a single staff member's effort. Partners have also been asked to classify the work into Consortium Development (CD) and Local Implementation components.

For 2016-17, significant Bureau contributions (at least 0.2 FTE's) are proposed in TIAG, TISD, TICT, TIHP, TIDA, TISU, TIRA, TIOP work packages as follows.

TIAG: Advisory Group (Michael Naughton)

  • 0.3 FTE's; (CD: 0.2, LI: 0.1)
  • CD: Michael Naughton perform role as TAG chair. (0.1)
  • CD: Peter May handle ACCESS TI aspects on UM Consortium Board. (0.1)
  • LI: Michael Naughton, Peter May, Robin Bowen, Gary Dietachmayer engage in management activites to plan and deliver Bureau TIP contribution. (0.1)

TISD: Suite Development and Design (Yi Xiao)

  • 0.3 FTE's; (CD: 0.1, LI: 0.2)
  • CD: Collaborate on design, implementation and testing of shared portable versions of the main global and regional NWP and Seasonal Prediction suites. (0.1)
  • LI: Keep in step with latest versions of Met Office NWP and Seasonal suites. (0.2)
  • Yi Xiao, Jin Lee, Susan Rennie, Michael Naughton, Peter Steinle and other Bureau NWP and Seasonal Prediction staff are involved in aspects of suites development and design work.

TICT: UM Configuration Testing (Michael Naughton)

  • 0.2 FTE's; (CD: 0.1, LI: 0.1)
  • CD: Lawrie Rikus working on ACCESS NWP STASH specification and procedures and tools for maintaining STASH settings in shared NWP suites. This will involve engagement with MO developers and partners on STASH practices. (0.1)
  • LI: Keep up with cycle of UM releases. (0.1)
  • Lawrie Rikus, Asri Sulaiman, Ilia Bermous, Milton Woods, Yi Xiao, Wenming Lu all contributing.

TIHP: High Performance Optimisation and Benchmarking (Ben Evans; NCI)

  • 0.5 FTE's; (CD: 0.3, LI: 0.2)
  • CD: Contribute Bureau / ACCESS-Opt developments to UM partnership. (0.2)
  • LI: Implement and test latest MO optimisations in ACCESS models. (0.2)
  • CD: Collaborate on benchmark development, testing, sharing. (0.1)
  • Ilia Bermous, Milton Woods are principal staff allocated; Robin Bowen, Justin Freeman, Michael Naughton, Peter Steinle all contributing.
  • Ben Evans and other NCI ACCESS-Opt staff have major involvement in this work package.

TIDA: Data Assimilation (Peter Steinle)

  • 0.3 FTE's; (CD: 0.2, LI: 0.1)
  • Peter to provide details.
  • Work on aspects of obs monitoring and obs processing software components.
  • Ref. Peter's 18-Apr email "DA Technical Infrastructure" and 0216-bom wiki notes.
  • Tan Le, Peter Steinle will be staff involved.

TISU: Small Utilities (Lawrie Rikus)

  • 0.2 FTE's; (CD: 0.1; LI: 0.1)
  • Lawrie to provide details.
  • CD: ACCESS to create and manage projects in MOSRS utils svn repository (trac, svn). (0.1)
  • LI: Evaluate Met Office model asessment software (AutoAssess, TRUI, VER, VerPy) with recommendations for next steps in collaboration; overlaps with TIVE work package. (0.1)
  • Lawrie Rikus, Susan Rennie, Peter Steinle, Tan Le, Gary Dietachmayer, Wenming Lu, Jin Lee contributors.

TIRA: Reanalysis (Peter Steinle)

  • 0.2 FTE's; (CD: 0.1; LI: 0.1)
  • These items from Keir's spreadsheet -- Peter to check.
  • Development and delivery of reanalysis suite in roses-u.
  • Perform short parallel trial to validate suite installation c.f. standard reference reanalysis suite.
  • Run reanalysis.
  • Report to TAG summarising progress and capability.
  • Peter Steinle, Chun-Hsu Su, Greg Kociuba, Nathan Eizenberg all contributing.
  • Aligned with Bureau Reanalysis project.

TIOP: Operational Systems (Tennessee Leeuwenburg)

  • 0.2 FTE's; (CD: 0.2; LI: 0.0)
  • CD: Bureau to take lead on security enhancement of UM TI components. (0.1)
  • CD: Bueau to participate in discussions and meetings on operational technical infratructure aspects. (0.1)
  • Tennessee Leeuwenburg and other ISS experts will be involved in this area, which follows on from 2015 visits and contacts.

Minor Bureau contibutions of 0.1 FTE are also are proposed in TIAV, TICM, TIDS, TIVE work packages

TIAV: IRIS -- Diagnostics and visualisation (Lawrie Rikus)

  • 0.1 FTE's; (CD: 0.1; LI: 0.0)
  • CD: Bureau to implement, test and review IRIS tools and GUI developments. (0.1)
  • CD: Bueau to participate in discussions and meetings on operational technical infratructure aspects. (0.1)
  • Lawrie Rikus to be primary Bureau contact point for TIAV work.

TICM: Configuration Management (Asri Sulaiman)

  • 0.1 FTE's; (CD: 0.0; LI: 0.1)
  • LI: Maintain Bureau mirroring of MOSRS repositories and Bureau ACCESS TRAC systems. (0.1)
  • Asri Sulaiman to be primary Bureau contact point for TICM work.

TIDS: Data Server (Jin Lee)

  • 0.1 FTE's; (CD: 0.1; LI: 0.0)
  • LI: Identify files to be added to Jasmin data server; maintain Bureau TIDS mirror. (0.1)
  • Jin Lee, Asri Sulaiman to be primary Bureau contact points for TICM work.

TIVE: Verification (Jin Lee)

  • 0.1 FTE's; (CD: 0.0; LI: 0.1)
  • LI: Explore Bureau use of VER/VerPy verification packages in NWP suites. (0.1)
  • Jin Lee to be primary Bureau contact point, with several other Bureau NWP suite developers also participating.

Summary of CSIRO 2016-2017 contributions

  • To be added.
  • Currently postponed pending more information re CSIRO changes.

Working tables

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