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UM Consortium Technical Infrastructure Collaboration Project


The UM Consortium Technical Infrastructure Project is a collaborative project involving the core and associate UM Consortium members. Project documentation is available on the Technical Infrastructure TRAC wiki (registration required), in particular, in the Advisory Group sub-page. The project vision statement therein gives the context, purpose, scope and goals of the project.

Participation of core members (UK Met Office, CAWCR, KMA, and NCMRWF) is part of the UM Licence Agreement. Under the terms of the UM Licence Agreement, the UM core partners have each agreed to 4 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff commitment to this programme. In the ACCESS case, CAWCR is the core partner, the commitment is 2 FTEs each for BoM and CSIRO. The ARCCSS is not required to have a formal resource commitment to the partnership, but they are also involved in the project as UM associate members.

ACCESS 2014-2015 contributions

Work Packages, leads and ACCESS points of contact.

WP WP description WP lead ACCESS points of contact BoM CSIRO
TIAG Advisory Group Keir Bovis Michael Naughton, Martin Dix, Scott Wales 0.2 0.1
TIRS Rose development and migration Dave Matthews, Keir Bovis Michael Naughton, Scott Wales 0.3 0.5
TICM Common shared repositories and Trac environments Dave Matthews, Keir Bovis Martin Dix, Scott Wales 0.1 0.1
TICT UM Configuration testing and system refresh Michael Naughton, Glenn Greed Michael Naughton, Scott Wales 0.5
TIFF File Formats – STASH, NetCDF and GRIB2 Mark Hedley Martin Dix 0.3
TIAN Stabilising and re-engineering ancillary file system Jamie Kettleborough Martin Dix 0.2
TICF Coupling Frameworks OASIS-MCT Dave Bi Dave Bi, Scott Wales 0.2
TIAV Data Processing & Visualisation Mark Hedley Martin Dix 0.1 0.1
TIHP HPC Optimisation D J Kim Tim Pugh 0.5
TIDA Data Assimilation Peter Steinle, Adam Maycock Peter Steinle 0.3
TILS Land-surface model interoperability Rachel Law Rachel Law 0.55
Total 2.0 2.05

Suggestions for ACCESS 2015-2016 contributions


The principal items for 2015-2016 will be continuation of 2014-2015 work, especially in relation to Rose-Cylc suite development and transition to use the shared repositories.

The action items from the September 2014 TAG Meeting included the following: Each TAG member to contribute 2-3 items they consider the “next big priority technical infrastructure issues” to follow after delivery of shared repository, Rose-Cylc and ODB.

Furthermore, the TAG Chair, Mick Carter, wrote to UM Consortium members last month (3-Nov email) requesting each partner consider proposing 1-2 significant projects to take the lead role in for 2015-2016.

The aim is to be able to provide an interim response on these for the 17-Dec TAG Meeting and the UM Consortium Board Meeting also next week, noting that in the Met Office planning 2015-2016 means 1-Apr-2015 to 31-Mar-2016.

The following projects are currently under discussion for ACCESS to propose.

  1. Advanced UM productivity and debugging tools

ACCESS to create a wiki resource and associated source repositories with a number of useful tools for model diagnosis and debugging and optimisation. These may include

  • Gary Dietachmayer (gsd) UMExplore python interactive environment
  • Greg Roff and gsd's model input settings comparison tools
  • Lawrie Rikus and gsd's Standard Model Output Comparison System (SMOCS)
  • Martin Dix's file manipulation utilities
  1. UM performance and benchmark HPC collaboration framework

ACCESS to help facilitate set-up and maintenance of standard UM HPC benchmark cases and sharing of partners results and performance optimisations.

  1. Obs monitoring and obs processing diagnostics (Peter Steinle & Adam Maycock)
  1. Elimination of spurious compiler warning messages from UM compilations (Michael Naughton & Ilia Bermous)
  1. NetCDF file usage in UM (Martin Dix)
  1. Something to do with JULES-CABLE (Rachel Law)
  1. Instrumentation of Rose-Cylc suies to capture usage statistics (Scott Wales)
  1. Provide UM collaborators with access to access_wiki

Plan to move access_wiki to accessdev, which will provide greater flexibility in authorising external users to view ACCESS information, documentation and workshop and training presentations.