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  • [Michael Naughton 18/05/2020] This page contains the BoM 2020-21 project plan submission. It has been provided to the UMTIP Project Manager. Key BoM managers and staff have been consulted.


The UM Partnership Technical Infrastructure Project (UMTIP) is a collaborative project involving the core and associate UM Partners. Project documentation is available on the Technical Infrastructure TRAC wiki, which contains a list of the UMTIP Work Packages. Further top-level programme information is contained in the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) sub-page. The project vision statement therein gives the context, purpose, scope and goals of the project.

Participation of core members (UK Met Office, Bureau-CSIRO, KMA, NCMRWF and NIWA) is part of the UM Licence Agreement. Under the terms of the UM Licence Agreement, the UM core partners have each agreed to 4 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff commitment to this programme. In the ACCESS case, the commitment is 2 FTEs each for BoM and CSIRO; half of which is expected to be collaboration development work. CLEX does not have a formal resource commitment to the partnership, but they are involved in the project as associate members.

Bureau planned 2020-21 activities are provided below. As far as possible, these contributions have been discussed and agreed with relevant managers in each of the work areas.

CSIRO plans are not maintained in this document. They form part of the consolidated Partnership Work Plan document linked at the bottom of the page.

BoM 2020-21 contributions

For 2020-21, a number of high priority work packages are the main focus of planning activity. These will have regular video-conferences and progress highlight reports. Further information on TAG planning is available in the TAG section of the MOSRS TI project.

In the lists below, work is classified into Collaboration Development (CD) and Local Implementation (LI) components.

Nominal contributions are rounded up to 0.1, since we are not trying to track contributions to finer than this scale.

TIAG: TAG Advisory Group and other management contributions

  • MOSRS TIAG link
  • WP leads: Douglas Boyd, Glenn Greed, Hilary Oliver
  • BoM ACCESS contacts and contributors: Michael Naughton, Tony Hirst, Justin Freeman, Milton Woods, Rob Argent, Beth Ebert
  • Manage BoM contribution to UMTIP program
  • BoM FTE's: 0.2 (CD: 0.1, LI: 0.1)
    • CD: Michael Naughton perform role as Bureau TAG contact. (0.1)
    • LI: Michael Naughton, Tony Hirst, Justin Freeman, Milton Woods, Rob Argent, Beth Ebert engage in management activities to plan and deliver Bureau UMTIP contribution. (0.1)
  • CSIRO contacts and contributors: Martin Dix, Rachel Law
  • CLEX contacts and contributors: Scott Wales

High priority work packages

TIDA: Data Assimilation and observations capability, including NG-OPS

  • MOSRS TIDA link
  • WP leads: Peter Steinle, Adam Maycock
  • BoM points of contact and contributors: Andy Smith, Fiona Smith, Jin Lee, Chris Tingwell, Monika Krysta, Peter Steinle et al.
  • Andy Smith work on observations processing and monitoring. (CD/LI)
  • BoM collaborate on NG-OPS Next-Generation observations processing and other DA aspects. (CD/LI).
  • BoM points of contact and contributors: Andy Smith (0.8), Peter Steinle (0.1)
  • BoM FTE's: 1.1 (CD: 0.9, LI: 0.2)
    • CD: Contributions as per list (0.9)
    • LI: Local tailoring of above system (0.2)

TISD: Suite Development and Design

  • MOSRS TISD link
  • WP leads: Fiona Smith, Douglas Boyd
  • BoM points of contact and contributors: Fiona Smith, Yi Xiao, Michael Naughton, Peter Steinle, Jin Lee, Susan Rennie, Shaun Cooper
  • Collaborate on design, implementation and testing of shared portable versions of the main global and regional NWP suites. (CD/LI)
  • Fiona Smith et al. work on DA control files. (CD/LI)
  • Collaborate on development and testing of portal for sharing NWP trial results. (CD/LI)
  • Implement task-by-task documentation for main NWP suites. (CD/LI)
  • BOM FTE's: BoM 0.4 (CD: 0.2, LI: 0.2)
    • CD: Contributions as per list. (0.2)
    • LI: Keep in step with latest versions of Met Office NWP suites. (0.2)

TIRS: Rose & Cylc Development

  • WP leads: Hilary Oliver, David Matthews
  • BoM points of contact and contributors: Jacinta Richardson, Milton Woods
  • BoM Cylc 8 Development Project to collaborate and contribute to Cylc 8 Development Project
  • BoM Cylc Project possible contributions (CD):
    • [Details to come from BoM Cylc 8 work plans]
    • [Examples of some possible dot points]
    • Jacinta Richardson to work on security aspects of Cylc 8 Development
    • Bureau to contribute to documentation of Cylc 8 security architecture and authentication
    • Bureau to perform assessment of security, provide report to Cylc 8 project
    • Bureau to collaborate with other ACCESS partners on Cylc 8 installation at NCI for ACCESS research
    • Bureau to demonstrate Cylc 8 installation in environment suitable as candidate for operational Bureau work
  • BoM other Cylc-related work (LI):
    • [Details to come from BoM Cylc 8 work plans]
    • [Examples of some possible dot points]
    • Bureau to replace SMS suites with Cylc suites for operational systems
    • Bureau to plan full transition from Cylc 7 to Cylc 8 for all operational and research activities
  • BoM FTE's: 1.0 (CD: 0.5, LI: 0.5)

TING: Next-Generation Modelling System

  • MOSRS TING link
  • WP lead: Keir Bovis, Douglas Boyd
  • BoM contacts and contributors: Justin Freeman, Joerg Henrichs
    • BoM FTE's: TBD (CD: 0.9; LI: )
    • Freeman (0.2), Henrichs (0.2), New person (0.5); subject to gaining funding.
    • Ref. Separate NGMS/TING planning documents

TIAN: Development of ANTS ancillary generation system

  • MOSRS TIAN link
  • WP leads: Andy Clark
  • BoM contacts and contributors: Wenming Lu, Imtiaz Dharssi
  • BoM FTE's: 0.2 (CD: 0.0; LI: 0.2)
    • CD: Wenming ANTS collaboration with Met Office to be resumed in 2021. (0.0)
    • LI: Implement and test ANTS software for Bureau applications. (0.2)

TICT: UM model development and HPC performance

  • MOSRS TICT link
  • WP leads: Richard Glover
  • BoM contacts and contributors: Milton Woods, Ilia Bermous
  • BoM continue to provide UM code improvements to UM releases.
  • Create a BoM build configuration in the trunk.
  • Provide prototype all-in-one version of UM builds; i.e. incorporating GCOM build with UM to ensure same compiler settings as UM build.
  • Create prototype initial version for regular BoM Rose-stem testing for UM.
  • Includes High Performance Optimisation and Benchmarking work previously recorded under TIHP work package (ref. MOSRS TIHP link)
  • BoM FTE's: 0.3 (CD: 0.2, LI: 0.1)
    • CD: Contributions as per list. (0.2)
    • LI: Keep up with cycle of UM releases. (0.1)
  • NCI contact: Ben Evans

Other work packages

TIPP: IMPROVER -- NWP probabilistic post-processing

  • MOSRS TIPP link
  • MOSRS TIPP link
  • WP lead: Nigel Roberts
  • BoM contacts and contributors: Gary Weymouth, Tom Gale, James Canvin, Anja Schubert, Fiona Law
  • Collaborate on Improver
    • Tom Gale collaboration secondment at Met Office from early July 2019 to late June 2020. Tom Gale to continue working part time on Met Office priorities thereafter.
    • BoM FTE's: 9.0 (CD: 2.0, LI: 7.0)
      • 2019/20 Australian Financial year: about 2.0 FTE (including IMPROVER 'trial' at BoM)
      • 2020/21 and 2021/22 FY: circa 9 FTE (internally proposed from around Aug 2020)
      • CD 2.0 BOM and UKMO participate code review process for each organisation;
      • BOM and UKMO participate in science review process for each organisation
        • This would include trialling Met Office algorithms on Bureau data as part of comparing IMPROVER and GOCF skill
      • Planning for suite infrastructure work
      • LI ~7 (i.e. anything not "CD")
    • Work areas include
      • Profile parts of IMPROVER suite on Bureau equipment (done).
      • Propose options for merging BoM rainfall processing with IMPROVER.
      • Propose one or more detailed implementation options for IMPROVER at the Bureau, including related infrastructure as applicable like Met Office 'Stage' system / data management and pre-post processing. (basic architecture has been discussed and decided – outside IMPROVER/StaGE itself it is almost the same as for GOCF internal post-processing)
      • Define and implement detailed framework for collaboration (Legal side has been signed by respective CEOs and high level parameters are agreed for actual work).
      • Contribute to IMPROVER development at the Met office.
      • Tom play lead role in training other Bureau GPP staff to develop with IMPROVER.
    • Further work areas might include
      • Change to use of MET for verification
      • Convective forecasting
      • Different calibration methods
      • Situation-dependent downscaling, adjustment of grid forecasts to site data (which both organisations plan) and possibly other 'ML'-like work

TIVE: Verification

  • MOSRS TIVE link
  • WP leads: Marion Mittermeier
  • BoM contacts: Chris Bridge, Vinod Kumar, Jin Lee, Andy Smith
  • BoM FTE's: 0.5 (CD: 0.3; LI: 0.2)
    • CD: Participate in TIVE discussions and activities. (0.1)
    • CD: Explore use of METplus for Bureau high-resolution NWP verification. (0.2)
    • LI: Continue work on Bureau use of GES and RES packages in ACCESS NWP and model activities. (0.2)
    • Chris Bridge to be primary Bureau contact point and participate in METplus development work.
    • Vinod Kumar, Andy Smith and Jin Lee to continue RES and GES work.

TILI: Land surface data assimilation

  • WP lead:
  • ACCESS contacts and contributors: Imtiaz Dharssi
    • BoM FTE's: 0.5
    • Technical activities in support of use of NASA Land Information System (LIS: ).
    • Placeholder -- identified to become a UMTIP project, but not yet active.

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