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See also NCI section in MOSRS StandardJobs page.

See also related AccessUmBuild Building and Managing UM Executables page.


Met Office release notes at

NCI rose stem now includes two jobs using rigorous compiler options including bounds checking and NaN initialisation. These use intel-fc/ All others use intel-fc/ The v16 compiler has better checking for uninitialised variables but has problems with OpenMP so isn't recommended for general use. See

The GCOM 6.1 module was also built with intel-fc/ There are versions using openmpi/1.8.5 and intel-mpi/


Met Office release notes at

Added nci_n48_ga7_amip tests to rose stem.


Met Office release notes at


NCI rose stem now includes extra tests

  • nci_n96_amip_eg_drhook
  • nci_createbc_calcs
  • nci_ukca_eg_strattop
  • nci_global_to_lam_eg
  • nci_n48_nd_omp_ios_comp_check

All tested with intel-fc/ and openmpi/1.8.5. Intel MPI also works.


Our rose stem setup now uses intel-fc/ and openmpi/1.8.5. With the current default version of rose on accessdev no longer need the SITE and UMDIR arguments, so simply

rose stem -S PREBUILDS=false  --group=nci_n48_noomp

Available groups are

  • nci_n96_amip_eg
  • nci_n48_nd_noomp
  • nci_n48_eg_noomp
  • nci_n48_eg_omp_noios
  • nci_n48_eg_omp_ios
  • nci_n512_eg
  • nci_n512_eg_ios
  • nci_scm_togacoare_ga6

Using --group=nci will run them all.

There are GCOM 5.2 modules built with openmpi/1.8.5 and 1.10.0 as well as with intel-mpi/


GCOM 5.1 built from the shared repository using Intel 14.2.144 and openmpi/1.6.5. Installed as module.

Rose stem requires rose newer than accessdev default. The N48 rose stem runs ok from the unmodified trunk using the -S argument (or --define-suite) to set suite environment variables for SITE and UMDIR and to override PREBUILDS,

CYLC_VERSION=6.3.0 ROSE_VERSION=2015.02.0 rose stem  -S SITE=\'nci\' -S PREBUILDS=false -S UMDIR=\'/projects/access/umdir\'  --group=nci_n48_noomp

Alternately set these variables in the rose-stem/rose-suite.conf file and just use

CYLC_VERSION=6.3.0 ROSE_VERSION=2015.02.0 rose stem --group=nci_n48_noomp

Branch includes test cases

  • nci_n96_amip_eg
  • nci_n48_nd_noomp
  • nci_n48_eg_noomp
  • nci_n48_eg_omp_noios
  • nci_n512_eg
  • nci_scm_nwp
  • nci_scm_hadgem
  • nci_scm_togacoare_ga6

PS34 -- Global N768L70 EndGame

[AsriSulaiman 9/2/2015]

Testing the "build" and "run" jobs with Global N768L70 EndGame settings from UKMO's PS34 suite (

  • UKMO PS34 N768L70 Endgame setups are based on UM8.5
  • Both UMUI and rose suite are available.
    • For start, UMUI jobs will be tried first.
  • Work-in-progress: Details being documented in Access PS34 Test


[MartinDix 3/2/15]

From vn10 the source code is on the Met Office shared repository rather than our own copy on access-svn, see science_repository_server. For build jobs we have a local mirror.

GCOM 4.8 built from the local repository Module added to ~access/modules/gcom. Note that 4.8 is also available on the shared repository, though there's no local mirror. NCI build configuration is now in the GCOM trunk (thanks to Scott).

rose stem tests

Note that vn10.0 rose stem requires cylc6 and a recent rose.

Branch scottwales/r1279_rose-stem-rebase adds some changes to the configuration to make tests more easily runnable at other sites. See for discussion. This just contains the N48 tests

Branch martindix/vn10.0_rose_stem_nci adds the nci_n96_amip_eg test.


[MartinDix 11/7/14]

Met Office internal release. UM, JULES and GCOM repositories patched.

GCOM 4.7 built from Module added to ~access/modules/gcom

Branch modified for NCI installation. To create ~access/umdir/vn9.1, check out branch on accessdev, and run

rose stem --group=nci_install -S CENTRAL_INSTALL=true

rose stem tests

N48 build and run works in the vn9.1/local_changes/ branch

rose stem --group=nci_n48_noomp

rose-ana tests also work (data in /g/data/access/KGO/standard_jobs/rose/nci_n48/vn9.1/ copied from an NCI run).

Stand alone suite

I upgraded the vn9.0 example suite (au-aa120) to vn9.1 using the supplied upgrade macros. Note that this has to be done with the command line. Upgrading from within rose edit fails horribly with confusing error messages (Paul Creswell says this is a known problem).

In each of the app directories, run

rose app-upgrade vn9.1

This uses the upgrade scripts from /g/data/ The um upgrade also requires a copy of the vn9.0/ctldata directory from raijin.


vn9.0 example job

[MartinDix 11/6/14]

vn9.0 external release comes with a sample N48 EG suite. au-aa120 (revision 397) is a version modified to build and run at NCI. Build extracts on accessdev and compiles on raijin.

Testing vn9.0 advance N512 EndGame run through rose-stem

[AsriSulaiman, 14/04/2014] Test run of UM vn9.0 N512 EndGame completed successfully using sample initial condition and increment files from UKMO. More details here.

vn9.0 advance

[MartinDix, 24/03/2014]

Advance provision of the internal version, provided by Douglas 2014-03-21 (i.e. same as Met Office internal release)

Patches installed on branches:

Includes directory fcm-make/nci_x86_ifort with our build configuration. UM includes about 20 extra revisions compared to the advance testing pre-release.

vn9.0 pre-release testing

[MartinDix, 24/03/2014]

Pre-release version vn9.0 RC1 (release candidate) supplied by Paul Cresswell 2014-02-21

Added install and model tasks and build configurations for NCI to the UM branch.

vn8.6 GA6

[Peter Uhe 23/07/2014]

  • Set up umui for vn8.6 on accessdev.
  • Standard GA6 N96 job at vn8.6 is vaaod

vn8.4 PS33 for APS2

[AsriSulaiman, 04/06/2014]

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