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                            CORRECTION & UPDATES WED 21/11/2012

  Notes from UM Working Group Meeting
  2:00pm-4:30pm Friday 16th Nov 2012  10W Meeting Room.
    Lwenming,   M.Dix,       S.Wales
    M.Naughton, I.Bermous,   T.Pugh,
    A.Sulaiman, Y.Xiao (phone)

    Apologies: I.Campbell, T. Pugh,  Say T Ng,
               R.Bowen,    M.Rezny,  J. Henrichs

 Discussion topics

   * From call for meeting email:
     -- accessdev 
     -- disk usage, organisation, ACL 
     -- UIs, ROSE, cylc etc 
     -- UM 8.2, 8.3, Running N512 on vayu 

   * Previous meeting notes

   * Training on 3rd & 4th Dec

   * ?


  * Discussion on accessdev and training in puppet system configuration
    to nominated system administrators done at NCI on 22nd & 23rd Oct.
  * Follow-up with Video link on 8th Nov.
  * Currently up and running but without persistent storage
  * Also without mounted file system
       [* Update from Mon 19/11/2012
          -- now have persistent /home
          -- mounting of lustre may have to wait until next year
             due to softare license issue. *]
  * User Authentication is setup.
      --  Accessdev is available for user logon but not really usable yet.
  * ROSE and CYLC installation done
      -- direct extraction from repository
      -- would need to make specific version available rather
         than simply the latest.
  * UMUI installation started by Say (using /g/data/access)
  * Propose the following documentation be prepared at some stage: 
      -- System Manager's guide
      -- User's guide

  * Further video link on accessdev setup scheduled for Wed 21/11

 2) Training on introduction to NCI and new system (raijin) 
    Scheduled for Mon & Tue 3/4 Dec 2012
    Tim Pugh will finalise detail and organisation.
    Likely hands-on will not be available/needed but
    live demo should be done.

   Current rough agenda.

   Day 1: What is NCI facility  ( Relevant to general users )
    * Intro to NCI
    * Environment
    * File system
    * su/mount
    * S/W
    * profiling
    * archiving
   Day 2: ( More advanced topics)
    * SVN repository
    * Working across projects
    * RT System
    * OpenDAP intro and demo

    Advanced topic for BoM IT staff
     * accessdev
     * accesscollab, access-svn
     * couple modelling
     * NeCTAR aspect
     * ACL
     * dcc
     * demos

    -- accessdev ---- appropriate use of the system

    -- esm/cawcr discussion on available infrastructure 

 3) Disk usage
    * Moving access files to /g/data/access is
      generally agreeable to everyone.
    * Scott to write up initial proposed structure
    * Record of change -- What is feasible?
         - Readme files
         - Trac tickets
         - Repository?

 4) ROSE and CYLC

    * PyGTK will be available only on accessdev, not on raijin
      so there will not be any GUI on raijin.

    * vayu computing nodes can now feeback status back to cylc
      using ssh. Similar setup can be done for vayu/raijin <-> accessdev

    * ROSIE not available locally yet. 
      Investigate installing on accessdev
      A demo is proposed
    * Propose Ian to be the one to take lead on ROSE/ROSIE 

 5) UM 
    * Martin have ran vn8.2 climate model for 1 month

    * Xiao have got NWP suite running on vayu using ROSE and cylc.
      OPS, VAR etc use components generated by ROSE.
      UM still use UMUI. It is ready to move to accessdev
      when it becomes available.

         Update from Xiao: 
          The global NWP suite that is running on vayu is not APS1
          access-g, it is more like aps2-access-g, reasons being:

          1. N512 suite, not N320.
          2. UM being PS30 settings, not PS24.
          3. VAR being PS31 settings at N216, VAR29.1
          4. OPS is PS27 settings at OPS27.2, 
             to be upgraded to OPS29.1 with PS31 soon, 
             will add more obs types.
          PS I have just did a standard verification for about one month run.
           -- Xiao                         

    * R12 speedups done
      Paper on using 4/6 cpus being written
    * R12 with vn8.0 running, and closely reproduce vn7.5

    * VN8.3 has been released. We got the patch one date after
      availability at UKMO through "advance release".
      Installed into local repository.      
      Official External UM release is not yet available.
       ** vn8.3 is for rmifdf development work only at this stage.

    * RMIFDF work progressing well with Ilia doing good work
      ** Being added into vn8.4 development trunk
      ** RMIFDF project given approval by UM project board
      ** Getting good support from Glenn Greed
      ** Another patch on the way.

    * Work on VN8.2, PS30 N512 continues
      ** Version using APS one stash and reduced UK I.C
        (with climatology reconfig from ancils) ran sucessfully for one full day.
      ** Similar run but using local APS1 N320 I.C fail with segmentation fault
         in reconfiguration. Problem being investigate. This type of problem 
         is notorious for being difficult to track down.

 6) IRIS
     Martin Looking at iris(iris 1.0 now available)
      ** active google group
      ** do not use "basemap"
    * Installation on dcc is proposed because IRIS
      make use of a lot of data.
    * It may be possible to use accessdev with mounted disk.

 7) Cambridge Newton lectures
    * Whole season of "special interes" stuff on climate modelling.
      ** NCAR model runs using 200K cores
      ** GungHo project
      ** UM on 200,000 cores
    * N512 on ibm max out at 3000 cores.

 8) dp9 project allocation
    * 20K hours was used in October
    * 150k hours have been used in November
    * Expected to use up all the allocation by end of December
    * Projected usage suggest that there are no spare allocation
      for new runs.

 9) 10GB link 
    * Availability now expected in December

 10) NecTAR
     * First progress report submitted.
     * Project plan is due.
     * UMWG propose that NecTAR documentation be placed on ACCESS wiki
       Among items it can point/describe are standard experiments/
       prototype runs for (These docs can also be prototype for people to use)
           AMIP1         Hadgem1.3   SCM (Martin Dix's and Greg Roff's)
           GA4 vn8.2     AMIP-SCM   
           4Km City Models (Wenming's)
           ACCESS NWP - APS1 global forecast(Xiao's)
           N512  Single case demo
     * Subset of NeCTAR work packages available through internet
       would be useful.
 11) Accessing ACCESS Wiki from home
      * Kevin Pulo was going to set up db for ACCESS in
        but best to wait until he is no longer busy with accessdev
      * Investigate having clone of access-svn access wiki on solar
      * Investigate usage of "Remote Desktop" to work around VPN issues?.

   NEXT MEETING:  Mid December 2012


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[azs, Wed 21/11/2012] Some corrections and updates

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