Installing and Configuring UMUI on Accessdev


This documentation outlines the installation and configuration of UMUI on the NCI virtual machine accessdev.

UMUI Puppet Module

The installation of UMUI on Accessdev is done via puppet scripts. The puppet module for the UMUI is located in puppet/modules/umui/.

umui/manifests/init.pp Puppet module
umui/templates/ghui_config/conf Client configuration file
umui/templates/ghui_config/link List of Servers
umui/templates/ghui_config/umuix.def GHUI configuration file
umui/templates/ghui_config/user List of UMUI Admins

Installing a Particular Version

  1. Notify users and other admins of upcoming upgrade of software.
  1. New systems admins will need to have access to the NCI git repository and have read through the NCI Virtual Lab Developer's Guide before updating Accessdev. See
  1. Puppet modules for are edited on machine. Before editing the puppet scripts please ensure you have the latest repository. This can be done by logging onto cloudlogin and pulling down the NCI git repository.
    cd puppet
    git pull
    git checkout master
  1. Modify/Add the revision numbers with the following lines in puppet/hieradata/project.yaml
# Umui SVN revision
umui::umuirevision: 961
umui::ghuirevision: 530
  1. Push changes back into the repository
    git commit -a # you will be asked to enter a log message (-a for all files)
    git push
  1. Update Accessdev with the latest puppet changes
    sudo /usr/local/sbin/puppet-update

Configuring the UMUI

This UMUI module consists of two components, namely the Application and the GUI components. The current runtime resources and their Tcl/Tk codes are kept in the repositories:, and

respectively. These two repositories are regularly enhanced and upgraded by various individuals. Consequently, the administrative installing and upgrading of the UMUI module into the virtual machine mostly require specifying the desired Subversion revision number into the 'projects.yaml' file mentioned earlier.

The UMUI module on Accessdev is configured by the puppet script 'init.pp'. To see how the application and GUI interface components are translate/loaded into the virtual machine, please view the initialisation file in puppet/modules/umui/manifests/init.pp.

The rest of the files found in the umui/templates/ghui_config, i.e. these four files: the files 'config', 'link', 'umuix.def' and 'user', are the configuration file of UMUI. Briefly:

umui/templates/ghui_config/conf: This file controls the UMUI's server address, port number, and database location.

umui/templates/ghui_config/link: This file specifies other UMUI's servers, beside the one native to the virtual machine stated in 'conf' above.

umui/templates/ghui_config/umuix.def: This file control the Unified Model's version.

umui/templates/ghui_config/user: This file grant privilege to specific users, mainly for administrative purposes.

Multiple databases

See Development/Collab UMUI Move for information on setting up multiple databases (as used for the transfer of the accesscollab and cherax UMUI DBs).

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