UM Consortium Technical Infrastructure Collaboration Project -- BoM TAG Planning Notes

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  • [Michael Naughton 11/11/2018] Work in progress: Information below is subject to change. This page is for BoM parts only.


TAG has requested input for Dec 2019 meeting on proposed and possible activities for 2019-20. This wiki page contains BoM notes for response.

BoM 2019-20 contributions

TIAG: TAG Advisory Group (and other management contributions)

  • WP leads: Keir Bovis, Hilary Oliver, Mick Carter
  • BoM ACCESS contacts and contributors: Michael Naughton, Tony Hirst, Peter May, Robin Bowen, Justin Freeman, Milton Woods
  • Manage BoM contribution to UMTIP program

Primary Work Packages

TIAN: Stabilising and re-engineering ancillary file system

  • WP leads: Jamie Kettleborough, Keir Bovis
  • BoM contacts and contributors: Imtiaz Dharssi, Wenming Lu
  • Wenming ANTS collaboration visit to Met Office, May-Jun 2019

TICT: UM Configuration Testing and system refresh

  • WP leads: Michael Naughton, Richard Glover
  • BoM contacts and contributors: Michael Naughton, Ilia Bermous, Lawrie Rikus, Milton Woods and others
  • Ilia work on UM optimisation
  • Possible work on updating UM builds to all-in-one versions
  • Possible work on regular BoM Rose-stem testing for UM/OPS/VAR
  • Possible work on STASH

TIDA: Data Assimilation and observations capability

  • WP leads: Peter Steinle, Adam Maycock
  • BoM points of contact and contributors: Andy Smith, Peter Steinle, Fiona Smith, Tan Le et al.
  • Andy Smith work on observations processing and monitoring
  • Fiona Smith et al. work on DA control files

TISD: Suite Development and Design

  • WP leads: TBD (was David Matthews, Hilary Oliver)
  • BoM points of contact and contributors: Yi Xiao, Michael Naughton, Fiona Smith, Peter Steinle, Jin Lee, Susan Rennie, Shaun Cooper
  • Collaborate on design, implementation and testing of shared portable versions of the main global and regional NWP and Seasonal Prediction suites.
  • Take lead role in design and implementation of task-by-task documentation for suites

TIRS: Rose & Cylc Development and Design

  • WP leads: David Matthews, Hilary Oliver
  • BoM points of contact and contributors: Alan Riley, Tim Pugh, Jacinta Richardson, Damian Agius, Martin Ryan, Milton Woods, Tom Coleman
  • BoM to collaborate and contribute to Rose and Cylc.
  • BoM-Altair Cylc Project possible contributions:
    • Funding Hilary Oliver development work through Altair contract
    • Message broker development
    • Dashboard and reporting functionality
    • Rose and Cylc security evaluation and hardening
    • Enterprise Rose-Cylc support developments
    • BoM Cylc developer involvement in Cylc development

TIEX: Exascale/LFRic activities

  • WP lead:
  • BoM contacts and contributors: Justin Freeman, Joerg Henrichs, Milton Woods, Mirko Velic
    • BoM involvement in TIEX/LFRic activities
    • Ref TIEX plans

Other possible areas for TI collaboration


Seasonal forecasting

Regional reanalysis

Thunderstorm forecasting

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